Covid-19, artificial stress and mass reactance

A few years ago, a leaked document from inside the Google company, revealed research into artificially creating “stressors” to manipulate peoples behavior. The document titled Algorithhmic Discrimination from an Environmental Psychology Perspective – Stress Inducing Differential Treatment reads: “More acute stress can result in a psyschological condition known as reactance (a motivation to regain freedom […]

I do not consent to Covid Collectivism

Imagine living in a world where, if one person coughs, the whole country locks down.   Twitter screencap   The other day I was sipping coffee and watching a small group of protesters against lock down. A guy in his car pulled shouted: “You’re all nuts! You’re going to infect people you selfish assholes!” And […]

Something Shady about NASA

I took the photo above, from an the official twitter account of a NASA testing team, who had been camping in the wilderness of Devon Island, Canada: It’s meant to show similarity between the Haughton Crater on Devon Island, Canada, and the Gusev Crater on the Planet Mars. But instead of inspiring me, it brought […]

How many people return their shopping carts?

I had just packed food into the car and was looking around for a place to put the empty shopping cart. There was none in my part of the parking lot. I’d have to walk to another parking lot just to return the shopping cart. Instead, I spotted 4 carts nearby, cleanly stacked and I […]