Are we heading toward Dystopia or Utopia?

If the article is too long to read, these are its three main points: Everything conspiracy-theorists are afraid “will happen” has already manifested long ago. Evildoers and their dystopian system are weak – they are nothing to fear. No matter what happens around you, you can choose am abundant and blessed life at any time. […]

Covid is a scam – for the sake of your wellness, please wake up!

Covid is a scam and the people responsible for it will be held accountable. But more important than that is for people to wake up. If you’re among the 20% of my readers who criticize me for my views about Covid:  For the sake of your well-being, please wake-up. I write this for those still […]

Greetings from the Free State of Florida

“Some people wouldn’t know Tyranny if it covered their faces, locked them in their homes, enacted the biggest wealth transfer in History, censored them, made them show papers and force medicated them”. – Read somewhere online In the last three months, I’ve escaped from both New Zealand and Germany. I am currently in the free […]

My adventurous escape from Covid Madness – Part 2

You can read Part 1 of my escape from the Covid Dictatorship of New Zealand here. (Ever since I wrote that article, New Zealand has updated its website, listing which people are exempt from Quarantine. It’s almost as if someone read my article). I had taken a flight from New Zealand to Munich, Germany. I’ve […]

How China secretly runs America

They conquered the U.S. the smart way – not with guns and bombs but Business. In about two years, China will officially overtake the U.S. as the strongest economy in the world, according to economists. But unofficially they might already have been running the show for some time. That doesn’t surprise me. Every nation rises to […]

Covid Endgame: The Barcode Tattoo (and why it won’t succeed)

Covid was preplanned. I’ve already presented proof of that, but here’s even more: PCR-Tests skyrocketed in 2019, long before first confirmed Covid case.  In History books, Covid will not be filed in Healthcare but in the Criminology section. So what’s the long-term plan? It’s implant or human-tracking technology, combined with a surveillance-society and a social-credit […]