Social Media is a bit of a scam

Articles like these usually sit on my website for months before I publish them. I don’t want to publish them, because I wish to spread good news. On the other hand, it’s my responsibility to inform my fellow humans truthfully. You see – Social Media is good and useful for many things, but there’s also […]

Holoportation Technology is now a Reality

Visualized for hundreds of years in science fiction (which is not really fiction!), “holoportation” is now a reality. The implications are far reaching.  Some day I will have a hologram of me conduct seminars across the whole world. See Video below.      

A time for civil disobedience

Worldwide death rates have stayed much the same for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. That’s a fact anyone can look up. Whether people die from the common flu, cancer, car accidents or from COVID, the fatality rate remains the same. Death is an unavoidable fact of life and no amount of legislation, lockdown or vaccine […]

For more success, ignore mainstream advice

For more success, ignore mainstream advice. For more happiness, avoid the crowds. Today I am going on a weeklong vacation. I chose this day, because everyone else’s January vacation has come to an end. Streets, Hotels and Mountain Slopes are crowd-free and it will be wonderful. Why are there traffic jams? Because “everyone” leaves work […]

A Useful Library of Free Survivalist Books

A student recently asked what to do for Reality Creation when “shit hits the fan”. Well, I believe in the power of thought, so I don’t think there is any shit that will hit any fan. As a conscious creator, I prepare for the best, not the worst. But in the remote possibility that “shit […]

Fear of Covid-19 caused by lies and inattentiveness

Dear Powers that be, I’m trying to be a responsible citizen and follow all of your Covid-rules, but with all due respect, you need to get your story straight. Otherwise the sheep are going to get suspicious. For example, your recent headlines about Maggie Keenan being the first person to take the brand new Covid […]

The military is running Parallel Earth and Mirror Earth Simulators

If you’ve seen the TV-Show Westworld Season 3 (yeah, not nearly as good as Season 1), you recall a gigantic AI system, that was creating a mirror image of the world, including all people, places, things and events, even down to exact street names and terrain in order to simulate and anticipate what would happen. It […]

Human Made Flying Saucers

I’ve seen flying saucers at different times. Once I witnessed three at the same time. They were performing the moves one can only perform with saucer-shaped vehicles, such as abrupt up-down and left-right. The event scared me. It made me think “aliens” because I had been conditioned to think “aliens” by what I saw on […]

If something is good it doesn’t have to be Mandatory

Natural attraction and free market vs. force, extortion and “mandatory” stuff. I used to live in Germany for some time. Back in 2015, there was a lone Supermarket there, that declined to carry Germany’s biggest newspaper, called “Bild”. It’s the most widely circulated in Europe. In Germany, “Bild” is available at every street corner, in train […]

Covid-19, artificial stress and mass reactance

A few years ago, a leaked document from inside the Google company, revealed research into artificially creating “stressors” to manipulate peoples behavior. The document titled Algorithhmic Discrimination from an Environmental Psychology Perspective – Stress Inducing Differential Treatment reads: “More acute stress can result in a psyschological condition known as reactance (a motivation to regain freedom […]