Criminal Violence and Electromagnetic Fields

This is a follow up to my previous article Humans as Electric Circuits and Batteries.    Can criminal behavior be induced? In 2013 the CIA declassified an obscure book from the early 1960s called “The Adam and Eve Story – The History of Cataclysms” by Thomas Chan. The version published by the CIA , as […]

Do symbols have an effect on the body?

This is a text I’ve borrowed from the 1994 book “Mind Machines you can Build” by George Harry Stine. I’m not endorsing the book, merely quoting an interesting section for your educational benefit.  The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate the effect of two different but similar symbols on the physical strength of the […]

Increasing Your Energy in 30 Minutes

A more lasting alternative to sugar or coffee. This new guided process provides an opportunity to increase your overall energy, health and zest in just 30 Minutes. It has been uploaded for all Members to the Member Videos page, among hundreds of other audios, videos and courses. It can also be rented separately here: Reality […]

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