The Virtue Continuum

We all know the bad stuff – corruption, cowardice, selfishness; but there is also too much of the good stuff. That’s the lesson of the chart below (which I found randomly browsing, don’t know who made it). The Balance point between too little and too much virtue is your center of power. For example, Humility. […]

A New Way of Being

“We all have memories of times when we felt particularly alive, when the world seemed fresh and promising, like a flower garden on a bright spring morning. Whatever the circumstances leading to such moments, there is suddenly a sensation of acute vitality supported by the knowledge that all elements are in absolute harmony. The air […]

One Hour Authenticity Training

If you wish to change your reality effortlessly, first GET REAL. One Hour Authenticity Training is a recording from a Levels of Energy Live Course, as conducted between 2010 and 2020. It is a quick summary of the “Being Authentic” Video Course, for your benefit. The one-hour video lecture has been uploaded to the Being […]

Levels of Motivation

By the motivation behind ones actions one can tell different levels of consciousness. This live lecture recording from the “Levels of Energy Course”, as taught between 2008 and 2020, teaches about the five Levels of Motivation. It can be enjoyed in the Member Videos section of this website or purchased for $20 here: Levels of Motivation […]

Improve Your State in One Minute

Reality Creation Coaching teaches ways to improve your state, for increased performance, health and success. Last month I talked about how to improve your state in 10 Minutes. This simple exercise will improve your state of mind and energy in just one minute. One-Minute State-Improver Name 3 things you taste right now Name 3 things […]

Good News: Two Video Courses now for the price of One

Good News: Two Video Courses now for the price of One Exciting Update October 2019: In the Spirit of Generosity, everyone with access to either the Levels of Energy Video Course OR the Reality Creation Video Course Now has access to both. If you have purchased either of these Courses, log-in to your materials and […]