The Scale of Emotions

This is the Scale of Emotions I teach in my 2010 book “Levels of Energy”. Your emotional state is the primary determinant of your energy-state, health and success even more than foods, friends and environmental factors. Your success is not determined by upbringing, social class and race unless you believe it is. Every emotional level […]

Psychedelics and Consciousness Levels

A lot of my readers ask me about Psychedelics. They love Psychedelics, but I don’t. Not even “microdosing” – a thing offered to me almost every time I visit California. My rejection of psychedelics is not from ignorance. As a teenager I tried Mushrooms, LSD, DMT and Ecstasy multiple times. I wasn’t impressed. Drugs provide […]

Positive Secret Societies

Conspiracists never mention the positive secret societys that counterbalance the negative ones. As far as I know, no book or website is written about them, no documentary made. And yet, they’ve been active for hundreds of years. Without them and their high-energy practices, our realm wouldn’t survive. If the normie were to witness, he’d not […]

Have you ever believed every word a liar tells you?

Have you ever believed every word a liar tells you? Me too. It was years ago, he was a realtor, I was buying my first house. I was too lazy to research and called it “being trusting”. “What’s that machine in the garage?” – “That’s a humidifier” he said with utmost CONFIDENCE. “Does this house […]

Energy Levels of Clothing

If everything has a #levelofconsciousness #loc or energy-level, that also applies to clothing. I’ve made this list based on a couple years of experimenting. You may not agree with everything here, but see it as an invitation to simply experiment for yourself. Also, if you’re sensitive to it, you’ll notice that certain materials don’t mix […]

It’s ok to be competitive, boisterous, assertive, daring

. Society tends to look down on these things, making people more timid and small, like walking on eggshells. “Don’t be loud. Don’t rock the boat. Better be careful. Be safe. Competition and Comparison is not good. Be decent. Look good in front of others. Never make mistakes. Never get upset. Never lose control. Never […]

8 Ways to Elevate Your Life

In this world, keeping energy high is an art. 8 ways to ELEVATE YOUR LIFE: 1. Leave the city and valley for fresher air and water. 2. Stop all processed foods & drinks, eat natural only. 3. Be more choosy about your education, internet browsing and entertainment. 4. Remove or at least reduce all “medication”, […]

Higher Realms

Higher Realms is a series of nine guided audio contemplations to help you put attention on what matters most: Higher Realms. Wherever your attention goes, that is what you gravitate toward. Relocating awareness to a higher realm, even if it’s just for a few minutes, has a demonstratably positive effect on your attitude, outlook, behavior […]

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