Healed from MS by quitting Diet Dr. Pepper

Yesterday a neighbor told me this: “I suffered from multiple sclerosis. I was unable to function properly for years. When it got worse, I couldn’t even hold a cup anymore. I was diagnosed with MS and the doctor’s I went to, couldn’t help me. They prescribed a lot of drugs, but these didn’t do anything. […]

Sunlight as nourishment

Have you ever been so hungry you were shaking? Then you go into the sun, the shaking stops? That’s because sunlight = nourishment. You don’t always have to go to the fridge when you’re hungry. You could also just catch some light. We can do without food or water for some time, but without light […]

Allergies don’t exist

Allergies don’t exist …at least not in the way people think they do. Throughout my career I’ve coached about a twenty people with “allergies” not to have allergies anymore. That’s how I know they aren’t real. I treated the allergies as a kind of hypno-induced belief. One of the techniques I used was to have […]

NEW BOOK: Healing Methods of the Antique Spa

Healing Methods of the Antique Spa New book out now * Ancient electropathy or healing with electrical currents * Healing with sound frequencies * Ancient hydropathy and water cures * How Big Pharma suppressed traditional medicine * The hidden stories around cancer, obesity and other modern ills * Envisioning the hospital of the future and […]

The effect of sound on living beings

A quote from the book “The Mozart Effect” by Don Campbell: “Carlson went back to his home in Minnesota and contemplated ways to improve plant growth, not only by enriching soil, but also by strengthening the mouthlike openings in leaf structures. He thought it might be possible for plants to select what they needed to […]

How my grandfather defied cancer

When my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, he was told he had “three more months to live – at most”.   He lived another 15 years.   Even though I was only around 10 years old at the time, I have vivid memories of the family getting really sad, even making funeral preparations.   The […]

ADHD and Dyslexia don’t exist

The words ADHD and Dyslexia were invented by Big Pharma to sell drugs. The solution to these made-up issues is giving a child or adult time, space and attention, reducing pressure/expectation and optimizing nutrition. Click below to view video by Fred Dodson.    

Releasing Period Pain and Menstrual Cramps

I have been asked many times to record a pain-release process for period pain and menstrual cramps. This recorded process, combined with the laying of hands, has proven effective in many cases. I recommend repeated use DURING the pain until you’ve learned to consciously move, shift, transform, reduce or even eliminate pain. It has been […]

Things I almost never use

Things I almost never use: Unfiltered Tap Water Sunglasses Sunscreen Bluetooth Headphones Alcohol Polyester Pharmaceuticals Processed Foods Sugar Shavers with Lubrication Strips Seed Oils Plastic Bottles Flouride There are some exceptions. Why? Because only the weak-willed are strict. It’s about being conscious, not fanatic. I generally don’t take pharmaceuticals but I’ll be happy to make […]

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