Product-Test: Natural Fabrics vs. Polyester

On the 23rd of December 2022, I posted this on my Twitter account:   I had already heard about how toxic Polyester is to the environment because it’s not biodegradable, but I had never heard of Polyester disrupting a person’s magnetic field to a point of losing orientation!  Even in the book above it was […]

Releasing Addiction (New Audio Course)

Releasing Addiction is a new 9-part Audio Course by Frederick Dodson. Use the powers of your attention and imagination to release addictions to substances, drugs and foods. This was made to accompany an already existing intention or an already existing treatment to release addiction. What ever method or physical therapy you are using to release your […]

Product Test: Low-Level Laser Therapy

I’ve decided to test various self-improvement products that I’ve always been curious about but didn’t believe in enough to pay for. Honestly, I don’t believe in external stuff that much – that’s why I teach reality creation! There are not many products that really work, independent of the placebo-effect (they work because people believe they […]

Clearing Entities

The new book Clearing Entities is now available as Quality Hardcover, Paperback and eBook. Please click here to view a description, table of contents and the book: CLEARING ENTITIES

The hidden meaning and symbolism of Pharmaceuticals

This is a follow-up to my article “The deeper meaning and vibration of brand names“. Words and Symbols have evocative power, chosen consciously or subconsciously to transport ideas. The pharmaceutical and medical industries have chosen interesting words and symbols to represent their trade. In ancient Greece a “Pharmakos” was a person assigned for ritual sacrifice, […]

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