Take Back Your Life Force (New Video Course Upload)

This video course by Frederick Dodson deals with soul retrieval (split off parts of your wholeness), cutting old energy-cords that bind you to people you’ve had no relationship to for a long time, clearing the frozen energy of shock and trauma, de-victimization and taking back energy that was lost in the various difficulties of life. […]

Luminous and Electric People

This is a continuation of my previous articles “Humans as Electric Circuits” and “Criminal Violence and Electromagnetic Fields“.   You are a Luminous Being An excerpt from an article published in Scientific American 152:323 in the year 1935. THE LUMINOUS WOMAN OF PIRANO Certain animals and plants are well known to give off phosphorescent light, […]

Fire of Love

A guided Meditation on generating appreciation and compassion in the chest for improved energy and well-being. I shot the video on top of a Sedona vortex. I first created this process in 2003 and it’s been available on this website for the last 7 years. This is an updated 2022 recording of it.