Beyond the Emotional Rollercoaster (new audio upload)

This is a guided audio process in which you intentionally create negative and positive states until you finally rest in the tranquil space beyond the emotional rollercoaster. The audio facilitates greater inner sovereignty.  It has been uploaded to “Releasing Meditations” section on the Members-Downloads page. If you do not have access to this, get it […]

Let Go of Clutching (New guided Audio Upload)

There’s physical relaxation and then there’s mental relaxation. “Let Go of Clutching” is a new audio-upload aiming at mental relaxation. The mind latches on to things, over-focuses, tries too hard. This audio can be repeated many times to learn to reduce the pointless mental exertion.  It has been uploaded to “Releasing Meditations” section on the […]

Releasing Resentment (guided process new 2022 version)

Guided eyes-closed process to release and dissolve inner resentment. The hardness you hold in your heart harms nobody but yourself. Use this process to clear it all out. This process was previously available to Members Only and is now available for all. Click below to enjoy: