Becoming fully Present with the “Then What” Exercise

The “then what” exercise is a quick way to become present, clear and worry-free. Example: What do you fear? Losing my job. And then what? I’ll be out of money. And then what? Can’t support my family. And then what? They look down on me. And then what? We become homeless. And then what? We […]

Trauma Modulation and Transformation

I just uploaded a new 10-part audio-course. Trauma Modulation and Transformation is a positive and pro-active approach to clearing traumatic incidents, based on my 35+ year work as a coach and healer. Most “Trauma Healing” methods are painful and jarring as they seek to “re-live the trauma”. My approach is more fun than that. Rather […]

Depression doesn’t exist

I’ve uploaded a new video called “depression doesn’t exist”. Too lazy or busy to watch it? In that case, here’s the essence/summary: “Depression” is a good thing. It’s an indicator pointing to an activity, belief, thought, intention, environment person or lifestyle that is not aligned with who you really are. Don’t get rid of or […]

New audio-course: So-called Stress Management

I’ve uploaded a new 10-part audio course to my website called “So-called Stress Management”. Why “so-called”? Because you want to be managing ease, not stress. Stress is to be embraced and ease to be cultivated. I created a series of guided audios to help you deal with so-called stress and ease – easily. This product […]

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