Exercises to Increase Your Power

I’ve been using this technique over the last 30 years to help you increase your power. Saying no when you want to say yes, reduces your power. Saying yes when you want to say no, reduces your power. Whether you think”yes” or “no” have the courage to say it and act on it. Let thought-word-action […]

How to discern truth vs. falsehood through speech

Speech is one of several ways to discern true/false. Dishonest agendas are revealed by excessive corporate jargon & buzzwords stilted speech politically correct speech legalistic writing forceful speech Honest speech is natural 🌲 specific 🎯 easy to understand 👂 Corporate Jargon “we are fully committed to…” “we value your privacy” These are my two favorite. […]

How to fix stuttering

About a dozen people have been coached by me to overcome stuttering. My success-rate so far has been 100%. I have no degrees, no credentials and no education in speech pathology. My exercises around awareness, slow-motion, attention-management, conscious-action breathing, etc. were a sufficient fix. One of my main techniques with stutterers has been to let […]

Why to stop using sentence-fillers

If you go “uhm” and “uh” and “well” and “so” too much, it makes you look insecure. Instead of using fillers, use SILENCE. That makes you look PRESENT and POWERFUL. I’ve conditioned myself to stop using fillers as often as I catch them. Injecting space/silence allows listeners to process what’s been said. It draws attention […]

Being Authentic Part 10: Self Value

Part 10 of the 10 Part Course. People don’t get what they prefer in life because they don’t value themselves enough to treat themselves nicely. Thus, they don’t treat others nicely. Treating self and others well opens all doors. See the full-course here: www.realitycreation.org/being-authentic

Being Authentic Part 8: Truthfulness

Why people struggle to be honest and transparent and how truthfulness saves time and trouble in the long run. Part 8 of a 10 part Course on Being Authentic, previously “Members Only” now free for all. Click below to view.    

Charisma Training (New Online Video Course!)

Charisma Training is a new online video course by Frederick Dodson. It consists of 11 Videos and 77 minutes of Coaching on the topics of presence, appreciation, extroversion, voice, gesture, generating humor, genuine smile, higher purpose, empathy and influence as they relate to personal magnetism, aura, being attractive and charisma. This product has been uploaded […]

The Nature of the Three Body Types

The three body types are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. A widely unknown fact is that these skeletal shapes provide certain clues about a person. This presentation goes into more depth on the proclivities of each type. The Video has been uploaded to Member Videos in the Reality Creation Silver section of this website. If you […]

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