If it’s boring, it’s not true

The reason “science”, “history” and all that claptrap is so boring is because it’s not true. Truth IS stranger than fiction! If things appear all normal, mechanical, orderly, predictable, you’re dealing with Illusion. Reality is not normal, it’s absolutely amazing. How do I get so much done? Why do I have all this energy and […]

How they compartmentalize knowledge

Random House, the biggest publisher in the world was going to consider my book “Parallel Universes” if I removed mention of extraterrestrials and subterranean civilizations. These topics, they said, don’t fit to a book on self-improvement.   And if you’re going to do a segment on the TV show “Ancient Aliens” you’re not allowed to […]

The Trance-Ending Course

The Trance-Ending Course, a 7-part Video Course for awakening from everyday hypnosis, is now available to all Reality Creation Gold-Members.  Enjoy!  

Awakening from Everyday Trance

Most people are in a state of hypnotic trance to one degree or another. Acknowledging your own trance is the first step to awakening. There are successive levels of awareness. You become aware of the light but later realize it to be a puddle of water reflecting the moon. You know the moonlight but one […]

Drop your script and become present

This is a small excerpt from my recent Course “How good people can take back organizations from psychopaths“. It is about exchanging scripted responses with genuine interest and spontaneity.  I remember once going on a tour of a city I lived in. It was a so-called ghost tour that catered to tourists and told of […]

The Secret of Listening

How listening connects you to intuition, reality and the timeless Dimension more strongly than looking. Why to talk to potential employees and romantic partners on the phone first. How sound is linked to the subconscious. Why looks are deceiving. Why hearing is linked to relaxation and seeing isn’t. This Video formerly in the Silver Members […]

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