Your Natural Telepathy

Your Natural Telepathy is an 8 part audio-course in sending, receiving and blocking thoughts and feelings. You learn that Telepathy is native to every human being. It need not be trained, developed or learned. But most people suppress the talent because they don’t know how to process the overwhelming amount of knowledge gained. This audio […]

What’s your name? (new guided audio meditation)

I’ve uploaded a new guided audio meditation called What’s your name?. It’s a short contemplative meditation on identity and your essence behind that identity. Beginners will find no use in this process, but some of you will gain very deep insight into the nature of Being.  The audio is available on the Members Download Page, […]

Effortless Awareness

A guided process to restore a state of effortless awareness for mental and emotional calm and confidence. With a little practice this state becomes second nature. I have added a new audio to the “Awareness Meditations” section on the  Members Download Page of this website. In the Members section you find hundreds of courses, audios […]

Expanded Foreground and Background Exercise

A new guided audio has been added to the Attention Training Course. It is the “Expanded Foreground and Background Exercise”. Apart from helping you to focus and release, tense and relax at will, you get a spiritual sense of perspective and widening through this practice. All Members have access to the Attention Training Course and […]