My house was bugged but I thought it was a Ghost

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Frederick Dodson

Half a year ago I moved into a new house. In the first week, before we had furniture, I had the hunch that there was something wrong in the bathroom. I called it “bad vibe”. The rest of the house felt good, but when I entered the bathroom there were goosebumps. I said “I think there is some ghost or residual old energy here that needs to be cleared“. I felt like I was being watched. The specific area of concern was the bathroom closet, so we made sure to hang our stuff in their to make way for “new energy”.

The next day I did some verbal entity clearing (as described in my book You can heal anyone). Then I let it go for a while. Two weeks later I still had an uneasy feeling about the area around the bathroom closet. I stood there for awhile wondering what it was. I imagined how something bad might have happened at this spot and “the energy needed to be released”. I did another clearing session. I again let go.

It was another two months later before I discovered what was really going on. I used the bathroom at night, which I normally don’t do because it’s on the other side of the house. I noticed a faint bluish glow coming from the top of the bathroom closet. I got goosebumps, I was spooked! And still thinking it’s some paranormal apparition.

I turned on the light. I couldn’t see the top of the closet, I had to get a ladder. There I found a device that looked somewhat similar to the one in the image above. I had to reach far to get it. I wiped off the dust and examined. It was an active, wifi-enabled listening device. I had mistaken a technical phenomenon with a paranormal one.

I guess I should have remained calm and examined the gadget to find out who is listening in on us but I impulsively got a hammer and smashed it to pieces. Then I threw it away. It must have been there all along. How could it maintain its battery power for months? Was it left there and forgotten by the previous house owners? Or was it put there to target us? In my mind I started going through all the visitors that had been to our place since we moved in. Then I thought maybe it’s for the best I don’t know who put it there. I went back to sleep.

I am sharing this story because of what it teaches about Intuition. Intuition is always accurate, but interpreting what the hunch or feeling means can be tricky. Intuition had been telling me “you are being listened to” for months, but I interpreted that to mean there was a Ghost. The idea of being bugged just wasn’t in part of my normal thinking.

Intuition is similar to dreams. Dreams often provide very accurate information but deciphering the symbols is the tricky part. I developed the Intuitive Awareness Method to help people understand that there could be many explanations for a thing. But in this case I failed to apply a method I myself taught. Instead I jumped to the conclusion that I’m dealing with a “ghost”, because I have dealt with paranormal events in the past. But the past doesn’t equal the present. Prejudice defeats intuition.

My book teaches that when you wish to know the answer to something, it’s best to make a list of all possible answers, even if they are far-out, before intuiting the correct one. And then you “feel out” each answer on the list, eliminating those you don’t feel, narrowing it down to one or two. Had I done that, then “ghost” would have been only one item on a longer list that also contains “being bugged” and I would have figured it out much more quickly.

The other day I thought about buying a bug-detector. Then I could scan the whole house for similar devices. But I decided against it. I have the best bug detector within myself: Intuition! If there were anything wrong, I’d feel it. Intuition is a money-saver and a life-saver. And all of you have it, pre-installed from birth, fully functional without ever needing an upgrade. In this case my intuition is telling me that the listening device has nothing to do with us. It was targeting the previous owner of the house. Why? Don’t know, don’t care. 🙂


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