Born of Water and the Spirit

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Frederick Dodson

To me the Gospel of John is the most interesting of all books of the Bible. It’s the most mystical, full of double-and-triple layers of meaning.

John 3:5 says “Unless one is born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God”.

Christians take this to mean that one cannot go to Heaven unless one is baptized. It’s certainly possible this is what it means, but I see a number of other possibilities (I like to think for myself, no disrespect intended).

1. It could simply be saying that only natural born humans have the ability to go to this realm called Heaven. In the womb, the infant rests in water. Then spirit is added and the baby is born. We are all naturally born (but sometimes I do wonder if excessively vaccinating every baby takes away from that).

This would mean that clones don’t go to the higher realm. Demons don’t go because they’re made of fire. It also means that the physical body doesn’t go, it’s said to be made of clay.

2. Prior to reaching the sphere of Heaven, one travels through the “Cosmic Ocean” or “The Big Blue” according to ancient Cosmology. It could be referring to the fact that you have to pass through the water realm and the spiritual realm above it before you reach Heaven.

3. A third possible meaning: Unless the Self dies and is reborn as less dense (both water and spirit are less dense than earthly matter), one cannot enter Heaven.

In any case, this verse amazes me and I enjoy contemplating it.

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