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January 7, 2018
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January 16, 2018

How permanent ideal body weight and shape was manifested

Some people have been commenting on how my appearance has changed within the last year. So allow me to share the tale of how I dropped 20 pounds (10 Kilos) within just 8 weeks and made the change permanent to last the entire year and beyond.

At the end of 2016 I was doing a Seminar in Bahrain. The organizer of that Seminar was filming me. When I saw the footage I was surprised at how fat I looked. I had been entirely unaware of it. The unawareness bothered me more than the chubbiness.

Shortly thereafter, back home, I was coaching an overweight lady. As we sat across from each other she said:

"You are coaching me on weight loss, but you are a little chubby yourself"

"Its not my goal" I said dismissively.

"But you yourself write that we should only take advice from people who have achieved what we want" she challenged me.

I thought:

She's right. As a reality-creation-coach, I should be able to manifest that. So I said:

"I"ll drop 10 Kilos within the next 8 weeks. And then I'll tell you how I did it".

"But you will use the Parallel Universe Technique only, right?"

"No. Why limit myself to one method? All change is in thought-word-deed or spiritual, mental and physical. I will use whatever gets me there the most quickly".

I in fact used several methods. That does not mean YOU have to use these methods. You use whatever works for YOU. The primary importance is never the method, its keeping your mind fixed on the desired final outcome.

She agreed to lose weight at the same time. The goal was optimistic but still felt realistic. A common principle of reality creation is to aim neither too high (creating unneeded pressure) nor too low (creating lack of inspiration).

By Synchronicity, at around the same time, a reality-creation-student of mine, Mark, who works as a Cosmopolitan Lean Lifestyle Coach, as he puts it (which includes Minimalism, Lean Management, weight loss, decluttering etc. He can be reached at lean.lifestylecoach@yahoo.com for those interested in being coached by him) commented on my overweight and offered some help. So I agreed to follow his advice for a month.

I recorded a guided Meditation for myself that assisted me in imagining myself slim or "already being in the parallel universe of the wish fulfilled". To prime my subconscious, I listened to it every day in the first week and then let go.

I corresponded with Coach Mark for a month. He sent me a number of emails detailing what foods to do without for a while (carbs and sugars), what type of exercises to do at the Gym and even more obscure tips such as taking cold showers, replacing snacks with nuts, Early Dinner and Late Breakfast (doing without food for 16 hours), etc.

For the first 3 weeks I went to the Gym for an hour every single day. Then every second day. Now I go once a week. In addition, I've been playing tennis twice to three times a week and going Snowboarding sporadically.

I followed the coaches and recommendations strictly for 8 weeks. During that time I made it a habit to have 3 meals a day rather than skipping them. I also made it a fixed habit never to eat after 6 pm, after which digestion winds down. I had cut out all sugars, greatly reduced pasta, potatoes, soda, rice and bread and instead had mostly eggs, meat, chicken, lettuce, salad, plain yogurt and similar. The good thing about this is that I never felt hungry, I ate all I wanted. I also drank 3 large bottles of water every day.

Thus I lost 10 kg within the intended time-period, even though the building of muscle might have added some weight. That was quite impressive.

The problem with all of this?

It took too much effort and didn't feel permanent. I had done similar crash programs throughout my life to cut down large chunks of body fat. But it didn't last. As soon as I stopped monitoring myself or got busy with other stuff, the overweight would creep back in, following an invisible template of my subconscious.

Fortunately, one year later, I have not only maintained the weight but reduced it even more. In other words, I have found the "permanent solution", and that is what the rest of this article is dedicated too.

The lasting solution required a fundamental change in self-perception. Having lost all that weight in only 8 weeks, I still felt that it could easily come back and that it required way too much focus to maintain. I did not want to take cold showers, I did not want to permanently do without pasta and Sodas and Chocolate. I enjoyed those things. I did not want to have to do sports for many hours a day.

However...now that I was down to ideal weight and body shape, thanks to all the effort, it was much easier to re-program the subconscious and make things more effortless. While the beginnings took great discipline, the rest of the year was smooth and easy. I decided to find a permanent lifestyle that suits me and can be maintained for years and decades, not just for weeks. I decided to do sports for the sake of joy and physical movement, not "in order to lose weight". How much Gym is experienced by me as enjoyable? Once a day? No. Once a week feels good. How much tennis is enjoyable? The same as before...2 or 3 times a week. While certain foods remained reduced, I allowed for exceptions. I started going more by how I felt before, during and after eating, rather than by strict dieting rules. Do I actually feel like eating now? No. Then why did I just walk to the fridge? In this kind of awareness you would sometimes see me fill a bowl with snacks, go back to my desk...and then return all the snacks to their bags, because I didn't really feel like eating, I was merely following a habit. Do I feel full now? Then I can stop eating. How do I feel after eating this? Bloated? Then that food is not for me. Do I feel light and free afterwards? Then its good food.

Simple acts of awareness and feeling is what made the change permanent. Once in a while I renewed my visualization and enjoyment of my new physical self. And it is indeed now effortless and I know it will be so for life. The best effort invested is the effort in making things effortless.

Could I have gone this effortless path from the very beginning? Certainly. But in my view it is significantly easier to feel oneself as "ideal weight" and program that into your subconscious, during a time that you actually are ideal weight.

If you would like to make that permanent change, begin with the Decision that you are a different person from now on, no matter what it takes, and never look back.