Blind Trust

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Frederick Dodson

I used to walk a mile to work with eyes closed.

In 1994 I was taking a subway to work every day. Then I’d walk a mile to reach my workplace (I worked as a coach for a business training company).

My colleagues spotted me walking backwards or with eyes closed. At first they were puzzled: Who is this weirdo?

Later they excitedly told their students what I was doing and had their own students do exercises in “blind trust” as I called it.

It was a practice in intuition and psychic perception. There was a sidewalk with a few other pedestrians, but not many. There was a street with cars, so it wasn’t without danger.

Did it look awkard? Yes. Did some people judge me? Sure. But who cares? No living being got harmed during my experiments.

In the first week I sometimes cheated, slightly opening my eyes to make sure there’s no car, pedestrian, fence, object, etc. I had three smaller streets to cross on the way.

By week three I could walk the whole mile without opening my eyes, using only hearing and that extrasensory “feeling the space” that I always talk about. I had an inner map of the path – the parts that never change where the sidewalk, the streets, the buildings and a plaza at the final stretch of the walk. And the moving parts were perceived through the ear and “sensing”.

This is how I learned that you “see more with your eyes closed”. More of what? Energy. Life-as-energy. I learned that the heart “just knows” long before the mind can see.

I learned that all of life is walked blindly. We don’t know where we came from or where we are going, but we trust that there’s some kind of plan. We all walk in blind trust.

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