The Bioelectric Manipulation and Healing of Human Beings

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This article is the last part in a series of articles.

Part 1: Humans as Electric Circuits and Batteries

Part 2: Criminal Violence and Electromagnetic Fields

Part 3: Luminous and Electric People

Part 4: Your Spine as an Electromagnetic Antenna

Part 5: The Bioelectric Manipulation and Healing of Human Beings

The same sacred knowledge can be used either for the healing or manipulation of human beings. A few definitions from the Encyclopedia that are relevant for your understanding of Self and your life on Earth:

A definition of Bioelectricity:

Bioelectricity refers to the regulation of cell, tissue, and organ-level patterning and behavior as the result of endogenous electrically mediated signaling. Cells and tissues of all types use ion fluxes to communicate electrically. The charge carrier in bioelectricity is the ion (charged atom), and an electric current and field is generated whenever a net ion flux occurs. Endogenous electric currents and fields, ion fluxes, and differences in resting potential across tissues comprise an ancient and highly conserved communicating and signaling system. It functions alongside (in series and in parallel to) biochemical factors, transcriptional networks, and other physical forces to regulate the cell behavior and large-scale patterning during embryogenesis, regeneration, cancer, and many other processes.

A definition of Electroreception and Electrogenesis:

Electroreception and electrogenesis are the closely-related biological abilities to perceive electrical stimuli and to generate electric fields. Both are used to locate prey; stronger electric discharges are used in a few groups of fishes to stun prey. The capabilities are found almost exclusively in aquatic or amphibious animals, since water is a much better conductor of electricity than air. In passive electrolocation, objects such as prey are detected by sensing the electric fields they create. In active electrolocation, fish generate a weak electric field and sense the different distortions of that field created by objects that conduct or resist electricity. Active electrolocation is practised by two groups of weakly electric fish, the Gymnotiformes (knifefishes) and the Mormyridae (elephantfishes), and by Gymnarchus niloticus, the African knifefish. An electric fish generates an electric field using an electric organ, modified from muscles in its tail. The field is called weak if it is only enough to detect prey, and strong if it is powerful enough to stun or kill. The field may be in brief pulses, as in the elephantfishes, or a continuous wave, as in the knifefishes. Some strongly electric fish, such as the electric eel, locate prey by generating a weak electric field, and then discharge their electric organs strongly to stun the prey; other strongly electric fish such as the electric ray electrolocate passively. The stargazers are unique in being strongly electric but not using electrolocation.

It’s claimed that only fish have this ability, but it’s not so. Recent research has shown that bees can detect the presence and pattern of a static charge on flowers. It’s only a matter of time until remote-energy-sensing is acknowledged as a trait of all living beings, including humans. Consider this:

A definition of Magnetoreception:


A definition of Magnetogenetics

Magnetogenetics refers to a biological technique that involves the use of magnetic fields to remotely control cell activity. In most cases, magnetic stimulation is transformed into either force (magneto-mechanical genetics) or heat (magneto-thermal genetics), which depends on the applied magnetic field. Therefore, cells are usually genetically modified to express ion channels that are either mechanically or thermally gated. As such, magnetogenetics is a cellular modulation method that uses a combination of techniques from magnetism and genetics to control activities of individual cells in living tissue – even within freely moving animals and people.[1] This technique is comparable to optogenetics, which is the manipulation of cell behavior using light. In magnetogenetics, magnetic stimulation is used instead of light, a characteristic that allows for a less invasive, less toxic, and wireless modulation of cell activity.

Cell activity control is achieved using magnetic compounds such as ferritin or magnetic nanoparticles. These compounds are designed to link to the ion channels that are genetically expressed on specific cells. Control of activity is thus restricted to genetically pre-defined cells and performed in a spatiotemporal-specific manner by magnetic stimulation.

That’s extraordinary! I wish they’d have told me in school that my cells can be controlled remotely. Then maybe we might have created some defense.

Bioelectricity, Electroreception, Magnetoreception and Magnetogenetics used to be items from the realm of science-fiction. Today they are part of science. It therefore makes sense to look at current science-fiction to check whether anything there might just be in the realm of possibility someday or already. I looked up some Definitions on “SuperPower Wiki” which is a listing of graphic novels, comic books and other “fictional” themes.

A definition of Neuronal Vamprism

The ability to draw energy and strength from the nerve impulses of others. Variation of Energy Vampirism. The user can gain strength and energy by/from feeding off of others’ nerve impulses and can use the energy for a variety of powers, such as strength, speed, and healing and sustaining oneself.

As I’ve explained in previous writings, I believe this is the root of the “entity” phenomenon. Being cut off from Source, energy-depleted beings seek to vampirize humans for energy.

A definition of Bio-Energy-Manipulation

The power to manipulate energy from biological living beings. Combination of Biological Manipulation and Energy Manipulation. Biological variation of Life-Force Manipulation. Not to be confused with Calorie Manipulation. Scientific counterpart to Chi Manipulation.

User can manipulate bio-energy; a living energy that generates and is contained by a living body in various forms. This kind of biofield of energy is present in all kinds of physical beings and can be harnessed to express powerful physical abilities that comes from different functions of the body – consisting of flesh, skin, bone, organs, blood, etc, all of which can be converted into different forms of energies to boost the increase of power in the body as well as manipulating it so user can push even further past their natural limit.

The “fictional” universes you find on SuperPowerWiki or in sci-fi and fantasy novels are modelled on ancient esoteric teachings. They have to be because the subconscious does not feel the least bit entertained by things that are not true in any way.

In my view, certain “Super Powers” are attained either through inner work (positive) or entity-possession (negative).

A definition of Life Force Generation

The power to generate pure life energy. Sub-power of Life Creation and Life-Force Manipulation. Applications: Concussion Beams, Healing, Life-Force Aura, Mediumship. Also called: Soul Energy, Chi Energy, Magical Energy and Bio-Energy-Generation

A definition of Bio-Electric Aura

The power to manipulate one’s bio-electric aura. Sub-power of Bio-Electricity Manipulation. Variation of Aura Generation. The user possesses a bio-electric aura, an invisible field of concentrated bio-electricity surrounding the user’s entire body. The bio-electric aura first functions as a second skin, not extending from the body, only protecting the user’s skin from incoming threats. 

Seen spiritually, there is nothing inaccurate in the paragraph above.

Electromagnetism Manipulation

Users can create, shape, and manipulate electromagnetism which accounts for almost all physical phenomena observable to the unaided human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation, all of chemistry, most of mechanics (excepting gravitation), and of course magnetism and electricity. That said, few powerful individuals reach such heights of power most users have to content themselves with lesser but still impressive abilities.

Due to the versatility with electricity (such as electrocution, heat generation, computer, mind hacking, electrolysis, etc.) and magnetism (such as metal manipulation, magnetic levitation, atomic manipulation, attract and repel, etc.), electromagnetism is one of the strongest and versatile abilities in existence.

If you follow some of the links provided here, you’ll find that these “super powers” are an entire field of study containing all kinds of  oddly specific training exercises and practical definitions. Are these realities that are couched and veiled as fiction?

Life Force Manipulation

Also called:

  • Gamakinesis
  • Life Energy Warping
  • Life-Force Control
  • Quintekinesis
  • Quintessence Manipulation
  • Senjutsu
  • Spiritual Energy Manipulation
  • Vitakinesis
  • Vitality Manipulation
  • Vitalum Vitalis
  • Elektrokinesis

There’s much more to learn but I’d like to now make this article practical:

Realize that in regards to energy you are using, sending, receiving, changing, holding, shooting, beaming, transforming, transmuting, whirling, radiating, releasing, focusing, generating, losing, playing, gaining, accumulating, wasting, keeping, giving it every day.

The purpose of this series of articles was to help you see yourself as a being of electricity and magnetism, not as a piece of meat, not as a robot, not as an animal but as a field of vitality. Let’s look at each of these words above separately.

Sending Energy

This is through your thoughts, words and voice (see my Video Course Your Electric Word and my Video on Overtone Chanting and most importantly my recent book You can Heal Anyone). You also do it with your thoughts. Most people don’t realize it’s impolite to send sexual desires to a stranger, for instance. They think they can just send out any thoughts they want, without consequences. But intense thoughts, especially intense desires and intense resistances, create pressure fields in the etheric realm that can be sensed by intuitive people. On the positive side, thoughts of blessing and healing can also be received and are usually more welcome than intense desires.

Receiving Energy

Whether you like it or not you are not only a powerful transmitter but are permanently subject to receiving energy from all around you. Because consciousness is outside of time you can even receive impressions from things that haven’t happened yet. You receive others thoughts, pick up on their intentions, hear their words, feel their motivation, sense their mood. In addition you receive electric and magnetic waves from the earth, the atmosphere and from technology. One of the ways I have taught not to be much influenced by externals is to not-resist. The non-resistance causes most energy-waves to pass right through you. You may feel them as pleasant or unpleasant but if you don’t built up resistance, they move on. If you erect a damn or wall they accumulate in your field. Another way to immunize yourself against negative energy is to not give the negativity too much attention, which is really similar to non-resistance. And a third way to protect yourself is to verbally declare negative influence dissipated and dissolved. If you wish to receive an energy it’s as simple as giving it attention.

Changing, Transforming, Transmuting Energy

Your emotions are e-motions, energy-in-motion. By changing them, you change your energy-state. You can use energy clearing as taught in countless videos and books of mine, but even just changing your inner attitude, your thoughts, your body-posture, body-movements, your intentions, your words and actions shifts energy. Asking “How does this serve me” is another method of transforming a negative event into a positive one, turning fear into optimism.

Holding Energy

“Holding the energy” refers to maintaining a specific state, usually for a specific purpose. You could “hold a stance” as an archer. You could “hold the role” as an actor. You could “hold a thought in mind” that you wish to manifest. Of course holding energy first requires that you have energy. The more you practice holding an energy, the better you get at it. How long can you keep focused on one thing? If you easily get distracted from a job it’s time to intend to go into it more deeply, to “hold the line” and not get discouraged. There are many opportunities to hold energy in daily life. Perhaps you’re attending a lecture where there are no seats and you have to stand. If you’re not used to standing you can train yourself to feel comfortable standing for a longer period of time.

Shooting, Beaming, Focusing, Radiating Energy

As I’ve described in my books you can beam humor at other people and make them laugh. You can radiate appreciation and make everyone feel welcome – even non-verbally. You can focus a certain intention to someone, like a telepathic command. I explain this process in my recent Audio Course “Your Natural Telepathy“. I don’t recommend it because it’s unethical and usually backfires, but it is possible. A better use of focused intention is for manifesting a thing you prefer.

Whirling and Playing Energy

You can feel energy and play with it. Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Dancing are methods of energy-play. Some dancers realize that every movement is a motion of etheric energy and choreographies are akin to energy-rituals that evoke certain states. Sports is also a manner of playing with energy.

Wasting and Losing Energy

You know the things that deplete your energy – unfulfilling work, arguments, boredom, low-quality entertainment, crowds, loveless sex, lack of physical movement, bad food, neglect, lack of interest and and and. Increasing your energy levels is as simple as identifying what drains you and cutting those things out of your life.

Giving Energy

Giving others energy does not necessarily drain you if done correctly. If you can, for instance, sit with someone in patience and appreciation, without judgment and resistance, you gain energy even though you are giving it. Paradoxical but true. And that’s a good thing, otherwise nobody would be giving anyone anything. What you give freely, returns to you. But if you give even though you don’t want to, your energy quickly depletes.

Gaining, Keeping and Accumulating Energy

Identify behaviors, words, activities, people, places, foods, realities, thoughts, intentions, goals, objects, beliefs that provide and build your energy. Over time I’ve become aware of what provides and what sucks energy and lay out my daily life accordingly. Much of this understanding I’ve already published in my 2010 book “Levels of Energy”. Of course you also have a “personal magnetism” – how attractive you are to others. Your outer looks are secondary to your magnetism. Some people may not look perfect but their personality and charisma are magnetic, their presence fills the room and all eyes go to them. I’ve talked about this in my 2016 Video “Creating a Confident and Magnetic Personality“.


Energy of the Hands

Hands are a special case because with them, we direct energy most strongly. People who are passionately lecturing us, hold up and wave their pointing finger like a magic wand. People at a political rally are holding up their arms or fingers to act as antennas for the group energy. This is to share in the energy of the speaker or group or synchronization between group members. Similar is seen at sports events. Is it possible that crowd-events are also used to zap energy? I don’t know. But I know that after some events I feel energized, after others depleted. People in protestant Churches hold up their arms in prayer, or cup their hands to receive energy and turn them around to send energy. They don’t use the word “energy” because it’s not mentioned in their scriptures, but that’s exactly what they are doing. Dancers on stage choreograph synchronized movements to generate a strong group-energy-field. This is mostly done with arms, hands and legs. Some public performances by popular artists are there to invoke certain energies and realities, often without the audience being aware of that secondary purpose.

A definition of the word “Entrainment”: “The process that leads to a temporal coordination of two actors behavior, in particular synchronization, even in the absence of direct mechanical coupling”. It is my view that much of “entertainment” is entrainment. We begin to vibrate in synchrony with whatever performance is being done on stage or in the field we are in. That’s why it’s good to choose your entertainment and who you hang out with, wisely.

As I’ve said in my book “You can heal anyone”, your hands are used for healing. People don’t like to be pointed at because it directs an energy-beam at them. It’s like an attempt to breach their energy-field. People sensitive to energy can feel the beam of an angry finger-pointing person. Hand gestures are used to affirm, confirm and strengthen words and intentions. They are also used to wipe away or deflate words and intentions. A good public speaker makes use of hand gestures to support his or her word-energy.



Everything is energy, you might as well learn to feel, dissolve, direct and generate it.

This completes the series on Human Energy. 



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