Have you ever believed every word a liar tells you?

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Frederick Dodson

Have you ever believed every word a liar tells you?

Me too.

It was years ago, he was a realtor, I was buying my first house. I was too lazy to research and called it “being trusting”.

“What’s that machine in the garage?” – “That’s a humidifier” he said with utmost CONFIDENCE.

“Does this house have an irrigation system?” I asked. “Yes, of course it does. You can operate it from the garage”.

“Is that Tennis club over there free to the public?” I asked. “Of course. Anyone can join”.

I was happy and bought the house.

I later realized the house didn’t have an irrigation system, the machine was not a humidfier (nor a dehumidifier), the “tennis club” was someone’s private house and other “lies my realtor told me”. (Lying and cheating is super-dumb, from a success-perspective: Who is going to recommend him? Who will use his services again?)

I considered myself aware, awake, smart, etc. I fell for every lie.

The lesson? Don’t consider yourself aware, awake, smart, etc. if you wish to stay aware, awake, smart.

It’s not FACTS that create reality, it’s BELIEF. I believed the place was good, so I signed the contract, not knowing whether it’s factually good (it turned out to be good, despite the lying realtor)

Another lesson: If you’re confident, people will believe anything you say. If you wish to succeed, be calmly confident.

And another one: Be kind to people but stop assuming everyone is honest. 99% people I talk to online and offline are filled to the brim with falsehood they consider “true” and “real”.

Should you assume everyone is dishonest, then? No. Don’t ASSUME anything. Listen. Observe. Then you’ll know. Listening/Observing requires a temporary suspension of Ego, a quieting of the mind. A temporary easing of chatter. Look. Listen. Had I really LOOKED at the realtor, I’d have noticed he keeps twitching with his mouth. A sign of suppressed speech.Instead I ASSUMED one hundred things, based on what people had told me about him in their glowing recommendations. I bought into it and my awake-aware self was shut down in that instant.

Knowing truth/falsehood is part of the training on Earth. Make it more important, so that you show up in the afterlife with a good score.

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