How Beliefs Interact with Reality

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

“Why can’t I just jump off a building and fly? If I create my own reality, that should be a easy. If I can’t fly with my body, then this whole reality creation thing that you teach, is nonsense”. 

“If God really loves me, why didn’t he heal my wife? Now she’s dead!”.

Both of these statements, from very different people, demonstrate classic misconceptions. The physical Universe is governed by laws. It was set up that way, just as any game board follows a set of rules that must be adhered to. Otherwise? No game!

Both statements seek to upend the rules of the game. Sure, you can do that, but then you are no longer on the game board. You go elsewhere.

To some people, these rules seem like a limitation. But they are a blessing. If you have an unchanging background, a stable stage, the actors on the stage have a much easier time playing their part. It’s good that the physical universe is entirely predictable. It is only because of these fairly reliable rules that it’s fairly easy to succeed. The physical universe is fixed, but you aren’t!

If people were to fly with their body, we’d have to suspend gravity on Earth. Imagine how many sudden deaths would be caused, just because you decide that the game rules should now end and gravity disappear. Imagine hospital patients floating upwards, disconnecting from their life-support and smashing against the ceiling. Just so you get to fly with your body. Billions of souls playing a game and you ruin the whole thing.

I believe you agreed to the rules before you came here. You agreed there would be none of this body-flying we see in other universes. You agreed to the limitations of the physical universe.

As for the wife who died: If there is a loving God that created this game-board and set up its rules, why would this Supreme Being violate his own rules? One of the rules of the game-board is free will. If the wife chooses to believe she is sick and going to die, the pre-determined rules of the Universe say that she will die. The fact that there was no divine intervention, proves that the Creator of this realm is loving.

“How dare you say that it is loving to let my wife die!”

This was not the exact conversation, but I’ve received conversations like this before, because many people don’t understand how life works.

“But you understand how life works, Fred?”

No, not entirely. But I do understand the bare basics, the obvious! It is obvious that people come and go, appear and disappear, are born and pass away. And that people are partially responsible for how quickly they pass away.

Would a truly loving God just suddenly step in and change the rules of the game? That’s not loving… at all. Billions of souls have agreed to a game and suddenly the Creator of the game steps in and changes the rules midway. Do you really want to change the rules for Billions of people, just because you are afraid? That’s cruel. People who keep changing the rules and moving the goalposts are mentally unstable. If the wife who died believes “I will die”, a loving God wouldn’t force her to believe otherwise. But that’s precisely what so many “religious” people would expect.

I also believe you agreed to a game full of challenges. You might be complaining about life now, but there was a time you were up to the adventure. And what an adventure life is!

So when I say “you create your reality”, I am not saying “you can violate the rules of this Universe”. If this Universe had no limits, you couldn’t create anything. Nor would you want to. Would you enjoy playing tennis if there were no field and no net? I doubt it.

Your can create your own reality within the context you are in. There are fixed features of the game and variable ones. You are a variable. You can follow predictable and predetermined cause-and-effect events of the physical world, or you can choose to act and react differently. You can choose where to go. You can choose who to go with. You can choose your style, your actions, your thoughts, your feelings and how you play the game. The thoughts you hold, determine which aspects of the fixed-physical-world you notice and attract.

“But what about Miracles? What about Paranormal events?”

What about them?  Just because you don’t know the rules of Miracles doesn’t mean there aren’t any. By “miracles” many people mean intervention in spite of their lack-of-belief and their self-imposed powerlessness. But for a miracle to happen, at least one person or being needs to believe. 

Have you noticed how it’s only when you know about something that you start seeing evidence for it? Often, if you don’t know about it, you don’t notice it. If you accept an ideology as true, it colors your perception and you see evidence that confirms what you already believe. If you’re focused on a particular outcome, you tend to take everything that happens as supportive evidence of that outcome.
Whatever you’re noticing is a mirror of what you believe.

Beliefs are the thoughts that you have accepted as true for whatever reason. You visit my neighborhood and I tell you it’s a high crime neighborhood. I pre-programmed you. If you accept that thought, without examining the neighborhood, it will filter your perception. You’ll walk around and notice seedy places and people more than friendly looking people. At this level, the thought is still soft, merely filtering. It could still carry a benefit to protect you from potential harm or you might avoid visiting certain parts of the neighborhood at night. You might see potential danger before it arises.

But if you accept that thought more deeply, it becomes a belief or a fixation. Then everyone is a potential villain. Then you ignore the good sides of the area and its good people. You might buy into it even more deeply, start talking about it as you see more confirmation. In the final stage, the belief goes subconscious, turning into a conviction that attracts events into your life that confirm the belief. Then you become the one who’s mugged. The belief attracts the experience and makes it even stronger. Soon it becomes difficult for you to believe otherwise. You’ll have forgotten that these events have anything to do with you and think “that’s just the way this neighborhood is, I was warned about it”. Nevermind that, out of thousands of people, you’re the only one who keeps getting attacked. What most would then do is try to move away from the neighborhood. Unless they have beliefs as “I can’t afford to move away”, by which they create their own mind-prison.

But what if you came to my neighborhood, and I pre-program you with a positive thought about it. I say this neighborhood has high elevation and some of the best air in the world. People have experienced healing just being here. It’s the plants, the sea, the elevation…in any case people stay here for a while and get healed. So you take a walk and notice the variety of plants and trees, and you’ll probably breathe more deeply. You’ll feel better after your walk because you’re walking around with the perception of improved health.

As long as that’s just a soft thought that you’re simply entertaining, it may not have such a big effect, other than slightly filtering the direction of your attention. Arguably, if this really worry high crime area, it might make you naive, unable to perceive potential dangers.

Here’s an important truth that many people miss: Some things are the way they are because you believe they are. And some things are the way they are due to their inherent level of energy or because these things are part of the physical universe. A lot of teachers in the “self improvement” field say that everything is essentially neutral and all determined by your beliefs. They say everything is energy.

I disagree. Everything is energy, but energy manifesting at different frequencies or densities. So there are inherently negative things and there are inherently positive things and there are inherently neutral or more or less neutral things. And then there are the predictable physical things. They are predictable as falling dominoes.

So if there is an inherently positive reality and you have positive beliefs about it, it’ll magnify the joy.

If there is an inherently neutral reality and you have positive beliefs about it, the reality will turn positive for you.

If there is an inherently negative reality and you have positive beliefs about yourself and the world as such, you’re less likely to attract harm from that negative reality. For instance, you could be in a dangerous area but believe about yourself that you are protected by angels. And so it will be.

But if there is an inherently negative reality and you have positive beliefs about the reality, it won’t magically turn the inherently negative reality positive. If there is a dangerous area and you think it’s a safe area, you are positing a private belief against an inherent energy-level. That’s fairly difficult to do, unless you are at an extremely high level of consciousness. In that case you could change the dangerous area just through your presence. But for most humans, positing a positive belief about an inherently negative thing, is delusional, because of the high contrast between what something really is and what you think it to be. It’s like trying to say “That tree over there is not a tree”.

The fact of the tree being a tree is a shared reality. Physical reality is a reality we all share. Everyone agrees that this is a tree. Almost everyone agrees that the tree has green leaves and we also mostly agree on what the color green is. Green as in grass. Saying “this is not a tree” could be taken as a rebellious and hostile act against the Creator of this shared Earth-reality-plane. The only way a tree is not a tree is if you were to leave this Domain and decide differently from outside of it.

Imagine frequencies on a scale from 1 to 10. If you are at a low-to-mid consciousness, you can influence frequencies at 3,4,5,6,7. But at extremely low or extremely high, your influence could wanes. That’s because you agreed to participate in a limited amount of frequencies on Earth. Sure, there are some people who have forgotten about the rules they agreed to (forgetfulness is part of the game). And they get really upset at the rules and the creator of the game. So they become violent and try to destroy the game. But even the eventuality of some violence is factored into the game. It cannot be destroyed by anyone inside the game, even though many attempts have been made. If the game-board ever gets damaged so that it’s difficult to play, the game is simply reset. This has happened many times throughout History (take the Great Flood for example).

I used to view this place as a kind of prison, a planet of slaves, a simulation. That was how I saw it 20 years ago. But it was only a partial view of the whole. I see things differently now. The game was lovingly created, not as a prison-simulation but an awesome adventure and opportunity for growth.

So rather than trying to upend the rules of the game and swing your fists at how “mean” the world is, it’s smarter to work with what you have, to play the cars you are dealt, play the ball as it lands. It’s easier to ride a horse in the direction it’s already going. 🙂

Instead of using your belief power to change a level 2 negative reality, the energy is probably better invested in changing a level 4 negative reality, because that reality is already improving. I like speaking in scales because everything is scalar.

I told you that the neighborhood heals people, because of the air quality. I made that up. I planted this idea in you. If you buy into it more strongly it’ll soon turn into a belief. Maybe you find out that the Tourist Board designated it a health area or you find corroborating stories online. Once it’s turned into a belief it starts attracting experiences when you visit the neighborhood. You will feel uplifted. If this experience repeats, it starts feeding itself and you could get healed by just visiting the neighborhood. You might feel unwell, come visit for a few days and leave healed. 

When I plant the belief, it would be easier if the area really has special qualities. But if the area is not inherently positive, I’ll need a lot of persuasion, marketing, repetition and demonstration to make it real for you. This is why I’m not fond of marketing. If something is inherently positive, it does not require ad-repetitions and persuasion, people are naturally attracted to the light.

Tourist boards really do designate a certain place in a special way. And then people talk about it. Those who visit confirm it and then more people believe. Soon it’s become a big attraction that everybody goes to. With all the meaning  invested into the area, it begins to have that effect, even though it was originally inherently neutral, it can now be said to be a positive effect area. Mass-belief can change the energy level, the inherent energy level of a certain place. So even though physical reality is fairly fixed in its rules, there are still ways to re-shape it, with some effort. 

If my neighborhood were an inherently negative place, and I try to program you with positive beliefs about that, I’ll either need to spend a lot of energy on that or come across as a liar. To reframe my negative neighborhood as positive, I’d need to do a little more work, and even possibly take physical action myself, and fix the place up. Taking a negative reality and talking about it positively, until it becomes positive. But that’s not the path of least resistance. It’s a path of a lot of effort. 

The effort path vs. the least-resistance path: Neither is “worse” or “better” than the other. Swimming with the stream makes you quick, swimming against the stream makes you strong. You need both, at different times.

Let’s say you have been eating a certain food up to now, like hot dogs. You love your hot dogs. A friend shows you a documentary that explains all the junk and poison used to make these sausages. 

Are you glad your awareness has expanded? That you’ve become aware of something you did not know before? And are smarter for it? And know what to avoid? Are you happy that you’ve learned something? And now have greater awareness?

Or are you less glad because this person has programmed you with negative beliefs?

Is “hot dogs are bad” inherently true or is it just a belief?

If you’ve understood what I’ve said so far, you know it’s fine to softly consider and hold a certain thought even if that thought is negative, for the purpose of noticing things you have not noticed before, for the purpose of expanding perception. In other words, you can entertain the thought that hot dogs are of inferior quality, without completely buying into it. And you entertain the thought so that you can examine whether it could be true, so that you see what the actual energy-level-of-hot-dog is. 

If you are addicted to hot dogs and deny any negative info on them, that’s just as delusional as thinking they are poison. Neither is an inherent reality. The benefit of being able to temporarily occupy neutral consciousness is so that you can see reality for what it is. So you wish to find out whether hot dogs are inherently unhealthy or whether that’s just something others are saying. And you want to find out whether certain medication is inherently positive or whether that’s just marketing. To do that, you have to entertain positive thoughts about it, negative thoughts about it and a neutral stance about it and then you perceive what’s really there. 

Without buying into anything, you examine. This is a true scientific mindset. The more advanced you are, the more you are able to entertain many contradictory viewpoints without fully buying into any. Unfortunately, most people think that just because you entertain idea X, you believe in idea X and they try to pin you on idea X for the rest of your life. It is for this reason that I keep 99% of my thoughts private. Most people do not have the mental capacity to hold many “contradictory” ideas at the same time. It confuses them. In reality, holding contradictory thoughts allows one to eventually lift the confusion and become clear on what is real.

You should be able to hold and entertain any thought, because you’ll notice that depending on the filter you wear, you’ll perceive other aspects of any given reality. If I hold the idea that hot dogs are bad, I find evidence for it. If I hold the idea that hot dogs are good, I find evidence for it. Unless hot dogs are inherently neutral, you will find more evidence for one side than the other. And that shows you what hot dogs really are. Their inherent level of energy. Measured in terms of levels-of-consciousness, hot dogs are inherently not-that-good because they are laboratory-made rather than nature-grown. 

It is delusional to teach there is no inherent reality to anything and that it all depends just on your thoughts. If that were really true, good or beautiful it would mean that it doesn’t matter whether you eat hot dogs. And it doesn’t matter if you murder someone, because the idea that killing is bad “is only your belief” (I’m using this extreme example to make a point). With this view of the world, you might have some success, it it will be limited because you are no longer able to discern truth from falsehood.

Whether these hot dogs are really bad for you becomes obvious once you entertain the thought. If they’re OK for you then even entertaining a negative thought about them, won’t be convincing. Or, if you create a positive thought and it’s very, very difficult to maintain, requiring loads of self talk, then it’s not a positive thought that’s aligned with reality. It’s not aligned with what a hot dog really is.

Standing in front of a mirror and affirming “I am skinny” while you’re not, will likely have the opposite effect. You are affirming something that isn’t real and your affirmation is coming from a place of it not being real. It would be better if you chose a path to weight loss that you can really believe in. Maybe a combo of various tried-and-tested methods. Choose your goals in alignment with what is actually happening. The only times I manifest goals out-0f-alignment with current reality is in emergency situations. Before creating reality, learn what reality is. Then, you will choose goals and intentions that are in your vicinity. You will know what is already near. Goals that are near feel inspiring, it feels like you’re already on the path. And so you’ll achieve things more quickly.

Know what changes and what never changes and have the wisdom to discern between the two. 





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