Being Authentic is a powerful self-realization Training, encapsulated in a Series of 10 Videos. Frederick Dodson presents a clear path to being authentic, finding who you really are, expressing your truth, increasing self-awareness, setting boundaries, strengthening your integrity, ending unspoken contracts, cutting ties to negative people, letting go of needing approval, releasing the inner childs fear of abandonment and much more. The workshop is a combination of lectures by Frederick Dodson and guided processes for inner emotional exploration. An increase in authenticity is always accompanied by an increase in well-being and success in life.

Videos-Lessons contained in this Course:

* The Fear of Abandonment

* Let Go of Trying to Look Good

* Secret Contracts

* Guided Processes 1

* Guided Processes 2

* Self Awareness

* Stop Being Boring

* Truthfulness

* Setting Borders

* Self Value

Being Authentic is available for FREE to Members of Each video can also be purchased separately on the Vimeo Page of Reality Creation Coaching.

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