Awakening from Everyday Trance

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Frederick Dodson

Most people are in a state of hypnotic trance to one degree or another. Acknowledging your own trance is the first step to awakening. There are successive levels of awareness. You become aware of the light but later realize it to be a puddle of water reflecting the moon. You know the moonlight but one day learn its light is provided by the sun. You view the sun as the source of all light but once you ascend, you see its light is being fed from the center of the universe.

You thought your unresponsive neighbor is depressed. Later, your view graduated and you thought your neighbor is really a nasty person. Upon deeper examination you realized they are not “bad” but simply hurting. Then you learned the tragic reasons they are hurting. Years later, you learned they are no longer hurting, they’ve become well. So you quit imagining they are hurting, you quit assuming, you break your trance.

You at first assumed one side started the war. You learned something new and changed your mind: The other side started the war! You learn even more and realize that neither side started the war, it was started by a hidden third party that is benefiting from the conflict of the two. Your awareness deepens even more, your trance breaks and you learn this hidden villain has been allowed to incite war by us and our spiritual consent. I’m not saying this is the way it always is but providing an example of awareness-levels. All learning is about deepening awareness.

You intended to turn to a new page and quit pointlessly browsing the internet for hours a day. Instead you start work on that project you’ve always wished for. It feels like you’ve broken the trance. But just a few days later you’ve forgotten your intention and are right back to the familiar and cozy unfocused browsing. Who cares about what you intended, this feels much easier. Hypnosis feels easier – unless you turn the new, preferred behavior into a habit, into a trance of its own.  I say this so you see trance is not all bad, it’s a mode of consciousness. Never snapping out of it, that’s the problem.

Anything can become a trance. Addiction to sugars is a trance. But once you do without it for a while and try months later, you see that it was never anything inherent in the sugar that made you addicted. It doesn’t taste as good as you thought. It was all mind-created. The same with cigarettes.

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