Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

This examination of Atlantis shows the congruency between mythological accounts across the globe. The legends, folklore, mythology, religion of all cultures reference very similar fantastical events on lost ancient empires, extraterrestrials, giants, dwarves, supernatural Beings and many things hidden and secret. This book aims to present the tangible evidence for these myths.

Reviews of “Atlantis and the Garden of Eden”


The Best Book on Atlantis

Ive read almost all books on the subject, but this is the best because it brings it all together in a way that makes sense. 

Buck Grottano


This Hits the Mark

Dodson has the talent to take a strange subject manner and make it sound like common sense. Suddenly Giants, Dwarves, Subterranean Worlds, Extraterrestrials and Atlantis sound like reasonable propositions. 

Steve Cray

Excerpts from the Book “Atlantis and the Garden of Eden”

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