Ask Me Anything 2022 – Video Response!

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

These are my conscientious responses to the questions you sent to me by email. I was surprised that within only 2 hours I had received a hundred questions. I simply chose from among the questions that first came in. You can see the list of questions responded to below the video.

Questions Answered

  1. Is it possible to regrow new teeth?
  2. What do you think of the metaverse?
  3. Are you frustrated or amused by peoples limitations?
  4. Should I unconditionally love and surrender to anyone or cut ties to people I don’t like?
  5. Have we accidentally summoned technology from another Dimension?
  6. How can I leave a good impression at sports tryouts?
  7. How do I get better at answering my own questions?
  8. Do animals have souls and consciousness like us?
  9. Do you mention polarity in any of your work?
  10. I love my girlfriend but fantasize about other women. What should I do?
  11. What is my spouse and I have different views on when to get children?
  12. How can I be a mother and work outside of home?
  13. What to do about feeling guilty when I work less and do more self-improvement?
  14. How can I find my natural joy?
  15. How to deal with my mixed feelings to my Dad?
  16. How to deal with mid-life-crisis?
  17. What’s the best technique to manifest all I want?
  18. Are good and evil just constructs of the mind or realities?
  19. How do I know the difference between heart desire and indoctrinated desire?
  20. What’s your take on alternate history?
  21. How do Levels of Energy fit to personality models?
  22. Is the overall energy level of planet Earth changing for the better?
  23. Can I ascend with religious rules or better to choose conscious living?
  24. What advice do you have for a fear person?
  25. What does the one-eye symbol mean?
  26. Can I use Neurofeedback to overcome fear?
  27. How can I choose my goals and intentions from a higher state?
  28. How did your work in reality creation start?



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