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Ask Me Anything 2021 – Video Response

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Below the Video you can find a list of questions answered in this session. These were chosen among the first fifty that came in. Thanks for all the FUN questions! And remember: All answers are my viewpoint only, subject to error and change!

Questions answered in this session:

1. Can I reverse my fate?
2. How to create a timeless product?
3. Why do some Religions think Hypnosis is evil?
4. How to deal with a persistent health issue?
5. What’s important in raising children?
6. How to regain sexual attraction for someone?
7. Why are high consciousness teachers aligned with the official Covid stance but not you?
8. What’s the consciousness level of polygamy?
9. What is dark matter?
10. How can I balance acting-as-if vs. making intentions?
11. What if I’m bored by my medical studies?
12. How are you, Fred?
13. How to handle doubts about my goals manifesting?
14. Which reality creation technique got the quickest results?
15. How can I trust my decisions?
16. How to protect myself from bad vibes?
17. When you say “there is no pandemic”, doesn’t that apply only to you?
18. Can the current school system emancipate us?
19. I experienced a higher state in meditation, can you tell me what it means?
20. What do you now understand about reality creation that you didn’t understand 10 years ago?
21. How can I more easily maintain the acting-as-if state?
22. Is there a Star Trek Conspiracy by Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, David Sinclair, etc.?
23. Are all narratives ultimately false?
24. How is it possible that Donald Trump didn’t become President again?
25. Can I heal someone else using the parallel universe technique?
26. How quickly can I shift reality?
27. What’s your vision for a new Earth?
28. What is the background if soulguides?
29. How far-reaching is polarity?
30. How to differentiate between intuition and projection?
31. What are your favorite activities to get into the zone?
32. How to boost Creativity?
33. What is the status of Earth in the Galactic Federation?
34. How can I contact highly developed civilizations?

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