Ascending the Levels

Levels of Energy Book 4

Collected articles on levels of energy and consciousness written between 2013 and 2023 by Frederick Dodson, originally published online and now only available in this book only. 

1 The Liquid Sky
2 An exercise in deliberate folly
3 Your many identities vs. your true self
4 Break out of the dull circles of life
5 Undefine Yourself
6 Presence and Timelessness
7 Fake Glamour vs. Peak Experiences
8 How the needy pretend to be needless
9 Do houses have consciousness?
10 How energy is gained at different consciousness levels
11 Conspiracy theories and levels of consciousness
12 The Lifecycle of Civilizations
13 Just say no to gossip
14 Turn off wi-fi to improve sleep and dream quality
15 How to clear traumatic memories
16 Limitless
17 High energy neutralizes the effect of bad food
18 How to heal ADHD without drugs
19 Why some people who face certain Death, Experience Bliss
20 The Healing Power of Cuteness
21 Intensity Levels of Love
22 The Fire and Ice Exercise
23 How your mind distorts reality and how to see clearly
24 An exercise in timelessness
25 How to Exercise Choice in a World of Fake Options
26 Beyond Fight, Flight or Freeze
27 Free from the Prison of the Mind
28 Things you discover while stargazing
29 Healing Shame
30 How to give negative feedback in a positive way
31 The wisdom of Meister Eckhart
32 The wisdom of Shams of Tabriz
33 How the flu was miraculously healed in 3 minutes
34 After every experience, there is an energy to be held or released
35 Healing car accident trauma
36 Would you like to be right or be free?
37 Breaking Social Etiquette
38 It’s not about Social Class, it’s about Levels of Consciousness
39 The More Disillusioned you get, the better things get
40 Get out of the Box
41 Stop Reducing Yourself
42 Are you stuck in a time loop?
43 Use your power with compassion
44 Fake Peace vs. Real Peace
45 You don’t need to perform to be loved
46 People Grow the most quickly when you let them BE
47 It feels good to give people right of way
48 Return on Energy Investment
49 Not the Head but the Chest is your Center
50 Improve your state in one minute
51 Stay in the Question
52 Our Home
53 Never-ending improvement
54 The virtue continuum
55 Life is a crazy school to help you raise your consciousness
56 Why employers weed out people who are too intelligent
57 Synergy Mindstorming
58 A conscious approach to Alzheimers
59 The space in which thoughts arise
60 The many fake selves and the real self
61 Why it’s empowering to talk less
62 The incomparable
63 Stages of Psychosocial Development
64 What you see in others is within yourself
65 Every person, place or thing has a hidden side
66 The Power of Secret Giving
67 Suffering is not “God’s will”
68 High and low consciousness music
69 I sing in an invented language
70 Life – a loving creation or simulation?
71 What your life looks like from a higher realm
72 Do symbols have an effect on the body?







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