Are we heading toward Dystopia or Utopia?

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

If the article is too long to read, these are its three main points:

  1. Everything conspiracy-theorists are afraid “will happen” has already manifested long ago.
  2. Evildoers and their dystopian system are weak – they are nothing to fear.
  3. No matter what happens around you, you can choose am abundant and blessed life at any time.


A Fork in the Road

Are we headed toward dystopia or utopia? Some are headed toward what they think is utopia, but it’ll be a dystopia. And some are headed toward a new Earth at a higher level of consciousness. These diverging timelines have already manifested, it’s up to you to choose. Conspiracy-theorists keep brabbling on about a sinister new-world order that will track our every move and dominate our minds. Newsflash: That dystopia manifested long ago! Every single cell phone is already being geo-tracked, purchase-tracked, covid-traced.  If the NWO hadn’t manifested long ago, they couldn’t lock down the whole word or rig national elections with impunity. Dystopia is fully manifest in the present. Conspiracy-theorists have been correct about it. They have been incorrect about our powerlessness.

The new-earth  has also already manifested long ago. Never has access to money, health, knowledge, wisdom, energy and fun been easier. This paradise is not in a far-future golden age, it’s available in full today. In spite of the apparent suffering in the world, many of us are “living the dream”. My own reality has never been better and I’ve never felt more grateful and humbled by the sheer beauty of it all. No matter how challenging or strange life on Earth seems, you too will one day remember it fondly and tell others of it.

Every individual is at a fork in the road, where he or she chooses which world to belong to.

Let’s have a close look at both worlds, so that anyone can tell the difference.

The Smart-City surveillance grid

The utopia that turns into dystopia is the smart-city surveillance-grid of blunted emotions, confusion over what’s real, global digital ID, social credit, camera-surveillance and automated living. It’s already in place. Robots have taken over the tasks of many workers, putting people out of a job. To compensate for the ensuing mass poverty, Government takes care of their needs. They don’t need to do or own anything because all is automated. Theirs is a world of convenience, leading to a degeneration of practical skill and mental acuity. Individuality is replaced by a more collective, hive-minded consciousness. People get just enough education to be good workers but not enough to replace their overlords.

The smart grid is only viable within cities, not in the country. You’ll find a camera on every street corner of a large city. All these cameras were once isolated, but the concept of “integrated AI” connected all these separate eyes into one super-eye. In Bejing, for example, the Government uses a “grid management system”. Data is collected from the city and individual households. It is gathered in a central database. AI uses the data to detect “trends of social unrest” so that political dissent can be quelled before it arises. Dystopians marvel at these technologies because they bring “safety”. About free people they say “Your non-compliance makes me feel unsafe”.

Country people are mostly spared from the grid with all of its apps, avatars, metaverses, blockchains, neuralink, synthetic foods, nano-medicine and whatnot. But Dystopias power is fragile. It’s totally dependent on electricity. If we pull the plug, it’s game over.

People think we are making great technological progress, but virtual reality is one invention. Apart from computers and internet, what other technological progress have we made in the last 50 years? Where are the flying cars? Where are the settlements on Mars?  If you look at peoples physical and mental state overall, there’s a degression over time. That’s one of the reasons I am not buying into the “smart world, better world” hype. If you’re building a better world, the people would also look healthier and happier.

Dystopia vs. New Earth is not technology vs. nature. New-earthers don’t reject technology. It’s whether you have technology or technology has you. In the dystopia, technology is a nanny. It’s Amazons Alexa telling you which shirt to wear.


That’s no free and empowered use of technology. The dystopian system is one gigantic nanny-state, populated by powerless people who are exploited for energy by those in power.


Every aspect of your wonderful smart cities leads to the transfer of individual power to Government power. The promise of this brave new world is the eradication of all crime, sickness and poverty. It’s the classic “perfect world” fallacy that has failed so many times.

Freedom and Skill vs. Convenience and Safety

I recently bought a house. We were going to stay there for a few weeks and then rent it out to someone else. I quickly learned that the whole house had a mind of its own. The sprinkler system turned on automatically at 4:30 in the morning, waking us up every time. There was an ice-crunching machine that turned on by itself. There was a swimming pool and jacuzzi, programmed to turn on and off at the strangest of times. A wifi-connected thermostat that did whatever it wanted. There was a motion detector that kept alerting us with beeps throughout the day.

All these things are called “smart home”. People love it, it makes them feel luxurious. Everything is automated and happening for you. Just sit back and let it happen and you’ll be happy they say. That may be great for tired people, but it’s no fun for healthy, high-energy creatives. We wish to do it, experience it, try it, explore it, feel it, learn it. It took a couple of days until I learned enough about the appliances to regain control of the house. The citizens of Dystopia make too many allowances for things to happen outside of their conscious choice.

My “smart car” keeps reminding me that “servicing for this car is due”. This is the nanny-state trying to do my thinking for me, sparing me of the need to learn anything about cars. Where I live, expensive car-insurance is mandatory. The state-nanny adds a bribe to this: If I let their app monitor my driving, I pay 50% less insurance! Dystopians are easily bribed because they like being pampered.

I bought a pair of shoes and the guy at the store got upset with me because I won’t give him my telephone number, address and email. This has happened to me a lot recently.  “Don’t you want 20% off?” he asks me, exasperated. But there is no such thing as free money. The hive-mind is divorced from the spiritual laws of the Universe. There is a reason I am being offered 20% off. It is in exchange for data. But I am not here to sell data, I am here to buy shoes. He gets upset, having no clue why I reject a “discount”. How did we get to a point in society where almost nobody knows how anything works? This surprises me every day.  “OK, suit yourself!” he says angrily. “No discount and no return policy!”. I say “OK”. What happened to kindness to customers? I’m not upset at upset people, I have compassion. Every human being has a spiritual spark that can be reignited. Kindness and patience can break the hypnosis.

How your Freedom-Provider turns into the Slave-Master

Conspiracy-theorists overstate the power of the ruling elite. If they had any real power would they have to use constant mass-media programming? Their tricks are so easy to see through. One of them is to introduce something good, get people used to it and then turn that good into something limiting. For example, Google was good. I used it for research and got awesome results. Today, it’s the biggest censorship tool in the world. Search terms that used to give me thousands of results, now provide zero. When I typed “I visited a secret country”, 10 years ago this brought up hundreds of amazing stories and reports about unknown lands, hidden continents and secret locations. A few days ago I typed the same sentence and it brought up exactly ZERO. Nothing. As if nobody has ever talked about this. “If it ain’t on Google, it doesn’t exist” the hive-minded say. That’s dystopian.

The same with cryptocurrency. They introduce it and it’s something very good. It provides freedom and privacy. And an easy way to make a lot of money in a short time. These obvious benefits attract the masses. Later, they intend to federalize and de-anonymize it, by which it turns into the exact opposite of freedom and privacy. If and when this happens, pivot elsewhere.

Electric cars can be shut down remotely, bank accounts are closed to political dissidents. It already happens every day. In smart-city, all of your movements are traced. So they introduced “contact tracing” for a “pandemic”. In many countries you have to scan yourself to any public place you go. Eventually, contact-tracing turns into implanted microchips and barcode tattoos:




One of the main points of the fake “pandemic” was to introduce “Digital ID”. Digital ID and Social Credit has been planned for a long time.




Psychopaths or Idealists?

Some elites argue that the global smart-grid is for the best for humanity. I know some of these people personally, I’ve had them as students in Coaching. One of them, who knows about my contrary views, tried to convince me:

“If left to their own, people destroy themselves. If we don’t take control, humanity will be extinct within 50 years. Our solution is not ideal but it will prevent a greater disaster. Most jobs will be done by robots. Billions of people will be unemployed. If they’re unemployed, they’ll be depressed. It will lead to social unrest. The best solution is to reduce the overall population. We only need a few Million. These few Million will have AI doing their work for them. It will be paradise”. 

reducing the population by Billions? Sounds like genocide to me. I consider his viewpoint completely lunatic. But the person telling me this sees himself as a visionary, an idealist. From his perspective, people like me are selfish barbarians who do not understand the far-sighted wisdom of the experts.

But: What good can their perfect world be, if it is built on lies? The ends do not justify the means. The means used, determine the ends that manifest. You can’t use evil means and expect a good result. They keep saying it’s for the greater good. But if something is really good, then the path to the goal is also good. Example: The ruling elite shamelessly threw mask-less parties while telling the rest of the world to be very afraid and wear masks. And they did so openly, to mock those aware enough to notice. As is obvious to any thinking human being by now, Covid was never a virus and never contagious. It was a biological agent that was injected to specific areas. And all so that they could introduce digital ID, social credit, contact tracing and extract money from the middle-class.


The New Earth

The other world is connected to the universe-grid which gives unceasing blessings. Those who read an article like this, are more or less new earthers. Even those who disagree with some of the points made here. They are new earthers because they care about self-improvement. Yes, all that conscious behavior paid off. Congratulations! And there are more who will leave their shell and join us. Hundreds of millions more.

The method of remaining on the new earth timeline is to keep your focus on Source. If you get too caught up in the world you are taking your eyes off of reality. Don’t get too caught up in your sons soccer practice. Too caught up in your bosses project. Too caught up in browsing the Internet. People focused on the highest source are spiritually aligned. They need less insurance, less lawyers, less medication, less entertainment, less internet, less approval…simply less world. It’s easy to maintain focus on the spiritual and stay above the world but it’s also fairly easy to get sidetracked and sink back into the world.

There are communities of new earthers but most live on their own. Some new earthers like sovereignty and micronations (which will become more popular in the future). Quoted from Wikipedia:

Micronations, sometimes also referred to as model countries and new country projects, are small, self-proclaimed entities that claim to be independent sovereign states but which are not acknowledged as such by any recognised sovereign state, or by any supranational organization. They should not be confused with microstates, which are recognised independent states of a small size, nor should they be confused with unrecognised states, which are of more geopolitical significance because they exercise clear control of actual territory to the exclusion of widely recognized countries.

Motivations for the creation of micronations include theoretical experimentation, political protest, artistic expression, personal entertainment and the conduct of criminal activity.

Not all micronations are positive, but the basic idea of localism is positive.

Localism describes a range of political philosophies which prioritize the local. Generally, localism supports local production and consumption of goods, local control of government, and promotion of local history, local culture and local identity. Localism can be contrasted with regionalism and centralized government, with its opposite being found in the unitary state.

Localism can also refer to a systematic approach to organizing a national government so that local autonomy is retained rather than following the usual pattern of government and political power becoming centralized over time.

On a conceptual level, there are important affinities between localism and deliberative democracy. This concerns mainly the democratic goal of engaging citizens in decisions that affect them. Consequently, localism will encourage stronger democratic and political participatory forums and widening public sphere connectivity

Another important concept with a future is Decentralization:

Decentralization or decentralisation is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group.[1]

Concepts of decentralization has been applied to group dynamics and management science in private businesses and organizations, political science, law and public administration, economics, money and technology”.

Localism is the opposite of the global government of one-size-fits-all that Dystopians seek. Locals know their own needs best. Local small businesses are less likely to go corrupt because they cannot hide behind a veil of anonymity. In local governance, the individuals and their connections are well known.


Self-government is mocked by the dystopian mass-media. But don’t be fooled. The legitimacy of their “Government” is not as solid as widely believed. In fact: Without our support and belief in them, they cease to exist. Take the concept of “Royals” for example. Throughout the centuries, these “royals” held the belief that they have a birthright to all land and property, as well as the right to take your money in the form of taxation. Just because of the name they were born with. But that’s just a belief, isn’t it? “What right do micronations have to declare themselves rulers?” they say. That’s a fair question. But those asking the question rarely ask “What right did royals have to declare themselves rulers?”. Even today, a lot of unelected rich individuals have more influence on political decisions than the elected ones. So while the leaders of micronations may come across as quirky or kooky, they show that the rule of our elite is just as arbitrary and fanciful. The difference? More people believe them.

Don’t get me wrong: Despite the merits of localism, the solutions people are looking for are not primarily found in any political system. They are found in an internal attitude. New earthers get along with any type of person. The new earth is inside of you. Even though many new earthers on their own, they are spiritually connected to many others and easily recognize such people online or in the streets. You can’t tell by their outer appearance, they come from many walks of life. It’s a vibe.

I know a lot of people who are more new-earthers than myself. They don’t even own a smartphone. They don’t know what’s happening “in the news”. And they are entirely happy. I know a lot of people that are mostly self-sufficient. 80 years ago, the average American sourced 40% of their food from their own garden. Who do you know today that grows their own food? Losing the skill to grow your own food, produce your own energy or even form your own opinion – all these are dystopianism. Hence, the opposite of all that is of the New Earth.

I intentionally don’t call the new earth a utopia, because utopia implies “perfect world”. Paradoxically, trying to implement a perfect world is what leads to Dystopia – every – single – time. The new earth is not perfect. Perfect is for the rigid AI controlling dystopia.

The distinct quality of new earthers is harmlessness. Because they take responsibility for their reality, they don’t impose on you. Being responsible, they take care of, fix, help, support, initiate, create, learn and teach. Not all New Earthers are a good match to each other, but because they are New Earthers, they don’t require each other to be the same – that’s hive-mind nonsense.

You cannot enter the new earth  unless you are already living it. If you are waiting for the right moment, the right partner, the right job, the right Government or the afterlife to experience paradise, you are wasting your time. You can choose to become lighter, brighter, more upward moving, more expanded, more free today, with every step you take. I transitioned to the new Earth 15 years ago! Since then, life has been on an upward trajectory.

The new earth is first on the inside. Eventually, the attitude is reflected in actions and finally in physical realities. You might find yourself gravitating toward new friends. You might take an interest in local affairs. You might become interested in nutrition. You might create your own media company. Or your attention might wander beyond the known Universe. There are many directions a new earther go. New Earth is aesthetics and beauty. If a person cares about how things look, feel, taste, smell, sound, they long for higher consciousness. But apart from all these externals, New Earth is an inner calm, a strength, a belief in the goodness of our Creator and the absolutely just nature of the Universe.

List 10 choices you have made in the past few months. Choices about your work, your relationships, your leisure activities, your projects, your body and mind, your spirit:











If you were fearless and optimistic, would your choices be different? Either your choices come from love and confidence, putting you on the new earth timeline or they come from fear and anger, putting you on a dystopian timeline. Write down what choices you would have made if you were coming from fearlessness. That’s all there is to it!

Are we heading toward Dystopia or Utopia? That’s the question in the title.

The answer: Neither. There is no “we”. There are individual choices creating individual realities.






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