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Apathy attracts conspiracy

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Twice in life, I was on the verge of signing a big book contract that would mass-market my Books and put me on TV-Shows. But these contracts also included obligations for me to self-censor and be “politically neutral”. These book deals didn’t go through, because I’m not in the mood for watering-down. All these famous teachers already sound so watered-down, don’t they? I know why they sound that way – they have contracts saying they mustn’t talk about anything other then their narrow band of topics they published a book on.

On a similar note, I recently heard a well-respected doctor tell someone that he is not allowed to say that the anti-covid-vaccine has side effects because it “could cause skepticism”. Imagine that! As if speech-suppression doesn’t already cause enough skepticism!

Are we victims of censorship? No. A publisher has the right to their views, just as I have the right to mine. That’s not “oppressing free speech”, it’s just a difference of viewpoint. Even though I didn’t get these contracts, I am doing very well, thank you.

I was given a choice by this publisher. We are always given a choice how to act or react, though sometimes we pretend there is no choice. The apparent choice was “get rich” or “have freedom of speech”. But this choice is a false one – I can be financially well AND express my views, I don’t need to choose between one of them. I don’t need a big-time publisher so that I can express myself. The illusion is always, that you need some person, group or external object for your success – this belief makes one susceptible to apparent victimization.

And the doctor? He “was told” not to tell anyone about vaccine side-effects. But he chose to tell me about this anyway. And if he told me, I am sure he also told others. Even though he was told to shut up, he chose to speak. It’s his choice. And I am sure there are doctors who chose to be quiet, perhaps out of fear. He also told me this: “Never before in the History of Vaccines, have I been told not to talk about side-effects. This whole thing is unprecedented“. Does this oddity point toward some kind of orchestrated conspiracy? Yes. Does it make me a victim? No.

A while back I listened to a podcast titled “Catch and Kill” by the Ronan Farrow, while driving a long 8 hour stretch. I was able to finish the whole book in one drive. Ronan Farrow is allegedly the journalist responsible for bringing down film producer Harvey Weinstein.

In it, several sexual assault victims of Weinstein were speaking out, crying, traumatized. As much as I sympathized with the victims and despised the creepiness of a film producer abusing his position of power, there was an important factor missing from the entire long podcast series: Choice.

Weinstein had a weird way of assaulting woman. It was a step-by-step process. First inappropriate comments. Then inappropriate touching. And then, at some later point, outright rape. Some of the Models and Actresses knew how to exercise their freedom of choice before things got worse. They quit working for him at the first instance of inappropriateness. Weinstein would say something like “This girl will never work in this town again!” In spite of that, some of them went on to have successful careers, no need for Weinstein. But other women chose to put up with Weinsteins advances. Eventually, they got abused by him (and no doubt by others in his wider circle – it’s sad so many others got off the hook). Some even continued to stay quiet and continue working with him, after abuse. Some chose to sign “non-disclosure agreements” (NDAs prevent so many things from ever coming to light) in exchange for a lot of money. It is important to speak up and stand up at the first signs of lies or misconduct.

To behave in this way, these women first had to believe they didn’t have a choice if they wanted to achieve fame and fortune. They had to believe they are in a vulnerable position.

Before you judge these women, realize that most of us think along similar lines. We put up with jobs we don’t like “to make money”. It’s a lesser degree of the situation these women were in, but it’s founded on the same false belief. “I have to do something I don’t like, in order to get something I like”. 

I’ve been receiving emails from people in Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel and other countries telling me that they are “forced” to take the vaccine. If they don’t, they become “second class citizens” who are not allowed to travel, participate in public space or even go to their jobs. Some write to me saying “Fred, I don’t want to take the vaccine, but I need to keep my job! What should I do?”

Well, perhaps you missed my response to that question in this previous article: A vaccine against fear.

And perhaps you also missed the 30+ books I wrote on Reality Creation, where I teach in meticulous detail that

You are not a victim. You create your own experience of reality. 

This doesn’t mean that there are no conspiracies. Bad agendas exist. Forced vaccination through vaccine passports is grotesque. However, it’s still your CHOICE. You can choose how to act, react and handle the situation.

Back then, I chose not to change my views and got cancelled by a big publisher. But I did not believe that it would make me “poor”, on the contrary. There are Millions of like-minded people I can do Business with, I don’t have to do Business with this publisher. Likewise, if you are an an anti-vaxxer, I personally know a number of like-minded CEOs that would love to employ you. Whatever beliefs you have, you can use as a springboard to do Business with like-minded people.

In fact, people are already creating a parallel economy – such as private airplanes that will not require the vaccine passports that all the big airlines are requiring. The power is ours. Too much whining about conspiracies gets tiresome. If you don’t like the way things are run, build a parallel economy, a parallel reality, a parallel society. Support a different world. Many of us are already living in a parallel world, mostly system-independent. Right now, I have access to several farms to purchase food from people I know personally. I have access to a private plane company that will take me anywhere. Why? Because I’m not a victim.

Loss of freedom comes to people who live in apathy. Many have lost their jobs. But this “mess” started long before Covid. For decades, nobody gave a damn about the political process, civil liberties and community. But if you do care then snap out of apathy. The way out and up is to take charge of your vibration and to bring politics back to a local level and get involved. People are cooperating more than ever before. Sometimes I wonder if this would have happened without a crisis. Something intended for the bad, has been used for the good.

Remember this: It’s all imaginary. A pharma company does not grant civil rights – they only imagine they do. A Governments authority is imaginary and only possible with your consent. The value of money is made up. And this particular pandemic is also imaginary – it only exists the moment you turn on the TV. If there were really a pandemic, you’d know about it without turning on the TV.

Since one year, I have been imagining something other than what I’ve been told. I’ve been imagining Success. Discovery. Hugs. Friends. Fun. What I imagine, I experience.

You are not victimized by conspiracy, you are victimized by your own apathy. Wake Up.



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