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Another “virgin” of yourself – a true and funny story

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

About 10 years ago, in Coaching with someone who barely knew English. She pronounced the word “version” as “virgin”. She was talking about “becoming another version of herself, as talked about in my books. But the whole time I understood “virgin”. At the time it was awkward. In retrospect it’s quite funny. An unedited transcript from our first session:

“Can I become another virgin?” she asked, meaning “another version”.

Me: “I don’t understand what you mean. You mean you’d like to reverse your reality and be virgin once again?”

“Yes, yes. Can I do this?”

Me: “Well, have you had sex before?”


Here, I thought she misunderstood the question. In retrospect I see she must have been wondering why I bring up sex for no reason.

Me: “Then you already are a virgin. You don’t need to do become a virgin”.

I felt a little dismayed to have to be the one to tell her what a virgin is 🙂

“Yes, I want to feel I am already another virgin” she said in broken English.

Me: “Well, you are a virgin”

“OK, I understand”

By her deflated tone, I knew she was not satisfied with the answer. It must have seemed like I was simply declaring that it’s done, like I had a magic wand. “OK, you are hereby another version. That’s 300 Dollars please”.

Me: “I feel you are not satisfied with this answer?”

“I thought you could help me become another virgin”.

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Another virgin? Not the virgin you were, but another one?”

I was bewildered. I genuinely didn’t understand what this whole virgin-stuff was supposed to mean.

“In your book. You teach it. I am this virgin and I become another one”

Me: “Which book is that?”

“Parallel Universes”

Me: “I don’t say anything about virgins in that book. Or in any book”


Me: “If you are already a virgin, you don’t have to become another virgin. You have never had sex, right?”

Imagine how awkward it must have been for her, that I kept bringing up sex for no reason while she was trying to talk about becoming another version of herself!

“I don’t know, I don’t know”

Me, exasperated: “You don’t know? OK, let me ask you this: Why do you want to become a virgin?”

“I want to get my boyfriend back. He left me”

Me: “You think you can get your boyfriend back, if you become a virgin?”

Imagine my bewilderment.

“Yes, another virgin”

Me: “Another virgin? Not the virgin you were? Do you think your ex-boyfriend only wants you as a virgin?”

“I don’t understand”

Me: “Why do you think you need to be a virgin to get back your boyfriend?”

“Because he left me when I was this virgin. To get him back, I need to be another virgin”.

Finally, after a long and awkward back and forth, it hit me: “Wait a minute….you mean….you mean another VERSION! You mean Version!!!! I’m sorry, I misunderstood the whole thing!”

In retrospect, I can see that she was making herself clear the whole time, if it weren’t for one small mispronunciation. The coaching ended up aiming for not getting her ex back but attracting someone better. A reality creator doesn’t cry over spilt milk because there is always something better, ready and waiting to reveal itself to those who believe.

For more on “being another version of yourself” see my book Parallel Universes of Self






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