Air Quality and Your Energy State

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I’m on a mission to collect every energy-increasing method known to humankind. Here’s yet another one, of thousands.

You need more negativity in your life, in the form of negative ions. Open your windows after rain.

This is my Ozonator and Ionizer.

I was told it’s a “dangerous pseudoscience”, so I thought it’s probably good.

It got rid of a smell in the basement – permanently – after only one use . I also used it to make my car smell like new.

Next time I have a student suffering from depression I’ll ask if I can use the Ionizer to see if it elevates their mood.

But nothing beats fresh mountain air. I have this screened sun-room that let’s me be “outdoor” as long as I like, without getting bothered by bugs. One of the best things that’s ever happened to me.



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