Afterlife Recycle vs. Ascension

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Frederick Dodson

The bigger picture of “increasing “consciousness levels” and “increasing energy” according to some teachers, is that you don’t get stuck in the recycling machine between the astral realm and earth, but ascend to higher spheres.

It is said that if your heart is light as a feather, not burdened by unresolved life issues, you can ascend to increasingly higher levels of Heaven instead of coming back to Earth over and over again. Reincarnation is undesirable from this viewpoint.

There are conspiracists who claim beautiful temptations and heaven-counterfeits are set up on the astral realm and that a soul seduced by them will soon be recycled back into a new body. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not concerned with it, having developed discernment.

Esotericists claim these are the realms you can ascend through – astral, causal, mental, etheric, spiritual. They also say you have a body in each.

They also say these are the primary colors of each realm. On Earth you see mostly green, except for the places turned into desert. On the astral, the primary color is different shades of red. Dark red, crimson red and in the higher-astral people report a beautiful pink haze everywhere.

The next two are orange, blue and purple. The spiritual realm has a lot of yellow, gold and white.

I’ve written a lot about my experiences in other realms, but I can’t say if these are the exact distinctions of classifications. But the separation into different densities is accurate.

Dr. Fred recommends: Don’t recycle. Ascend. 🙂

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