My adventurous escape from Covid-Madness

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

More than 30 years ago, a meditation teacher taught me this exercise:

He took a Can of peas and threw them through the room. He then asked me to pick them up and put them on a plate. Once I had collected the peas I handed them to him and he threw them around again and I was to gather them up again. I was to do so without impatience, hurry or boredom. If I felt any discontent, I was to stop and wait, until the emotion faded. The aim was to enjoy it. He scattered the peas four more times for me to pick up, but each time I not only maintained but even deepened my inner peas.

I was reminded of this recently, while trying to leave the country of New Zealand. I had been staying in that country because it had been lockdown-free until two months ago. When that changed and when the Government started implementing a two-tier Apartheid system (vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated), I decided I need to leave.

I’d booked an international flight from New Zealand to the U.S.. Simple, right? Maybe not. My wife applied for a new passport, her old one had expired. The Government threw her old passport away, even though it contained her U.S. Residency. She politely asked them not to, but they ignored her plea. No problem, we’ll just get a new Visa, right? Wrong. The New Zealand postal system was the only option offered to pay for a new Visa, but they had suspended postal payment, under the guise of Covid. Moreover: The U.S. Postal service to New Zealand had also been suspended, so none could be ordered from the U.S. Do I believe that suspending postal systems has anything to do with “Covid”? Nope. There’s something different going on in the world and Covid is being used as an excuse and cover for some kind of clandestine War.

We implemented Plan B: Travel to Europe so that my wife could re-apply for her Visa. She already had one, but it would need to be in her passport, according to new rules (unfortunately we also learned that “due to Covid” Visa applications couldn’t be processed until after May 2022).

OK, still no problem. On the New Zealand Government website, I read that we are required to get a Covid-Swab 72 hours before the flight. The catch? The lab couldn’t guarantee that I get my results within that time. They had me sign a paper that I acknowledge this, but that I’d pay for it anyway. It’s the same thing as saying “we can’t guarantee we’ll allow you to leave the country, but we want you to pay anyway”. Sheer madness! Later, in Europe, we saw that Covid tests were provided within a mere 15 minutes. Wow. What a difference.

In my second attempt to leave, my flight was cancelled last minute, because authorities had decided to change “lockdown levels” on sudden notice, because one single person got the flu somewhere on the other side of the country. In my third attempt to leave, a week later, I had driven hundreds of miles to avoid a cancellation of the local flight and take a direct international flight. Upon arrival in the city, I learned that the lockdown rules had changed again and I could no longer book a hotel. So we slept in the car.

The next day I went to the airport to check in and was told that the Covid-test I had taken would no longer be valid once I landed at my destination. “But I had been told I need to Covid test 72 hour before check-in, not 72 hours before landing”. And they responded: “Yes, normally this is the case, but the country you’re traveling to has changed their rules“. It’s truly Kafkaesque. Rules are changed arbitrarily, at a moments notice.

I was experiencing the reason I was leaving the country, while leaving the country. Have you ever been in a bad relationship and then wanted to leave it and only then discover how bad it really is?

It turns out I had done the test only three hours too early. Had I come three hours later, I could have taken the already-paid flight. “Could you make an exception?” I asked. “No, that would be illegal!” the flight attendant says with an expression of horror that I would even suggest something that outrageous. These Covid-believers can be real sticklers. Has it ever crossed their minds that detaining an entire population within a “lockdown” is truly illegal?

So I ask for my flight to be rescheduled. They then inform me that there is a way to get the Covid test done and get the results back within 6 hours. Oh yes? Why wasn’t I told so on the Government website? It turns out that the Government is operating in competition to the company providing the quicker results.

But where would I stay while waiting on the next flight? Both, and others wouldn’t allow me to book a room because of the lockdown levels (yes, that’s airbnb meddling in peoples private business on behalf of the Government)

I asked to see the on-duty manager of the airline. I explained we needed to catch this flight because Hotels wouldn’t let us in and we had given away our rental car. He told me there is a Hotel that is exempt from the rules. What? Really? How? Surreal! This reminds me of former Communist countries in Eastern Europe, where you could always find exemptions if you knew the right insider or bribed the right people.

I paid for yet another Covid-test and a few nights in a Hotel (flights only go every couple of days in these times). And if you’re asking why i didn’t just get a vaccine and avoid all these troubles: Fully vaccinated people also need to get covid-tested, they also need to adhere to lockdown rules, etc. And yes, this is contrary to what the Government promised the vaccinated.

By now I must be feeling great indignation, right?

No, I feel peace of mind. I’m writing this while hunkered down in a remote Hotel in a strange industrial area full of warehouses. Of course a Hotel exempt from all the rules, wouldn’t be placed in a rural area for all to see.

I’ve been remembering the peas exercise. My teacher had used peas because it sounded like the word peace. He had put me through the indignity of picking up his peas that he threw out for no reason at all, so that I learn how to deal with similar indignity in real life. I felt compassion for the people and their rigid Covid fixation. 20 years ago they wanted to convince about terrorists everywhere. Airport-staffers kept asking about bombs and weapons. They used to say “don’t leave your baggage unattended” and “no smoking allowed” ad nauseum. They don’t have those announcements anymore, at least not here. Now it’s “stay safe” and “keep distance” and “if you’re sick, see a doctor”. The fear-the-terrorist message had been replaced with a new fear-message. I’ve heard “stay safe” about one hundred times in the last weeks, but not once have I heard “stay free” or “stay awake”. One thing I have learned during this whole thing is that it is easier to brainwash the majority than I believed possible. Most people in the country I am escaping, are true believers. I am in the absolute minority of the 0,001% who do not believe the scamdemic. A person who i thought was a friend, said to another that I should be “shot in the head” for not adhering to Covid-rules. Can you see why I am leaving this country? LOL.

Even so, I feel at perfect peace. One of the premises of Reality Creation is that the Universe is perfectly just. There is no interruption or disturbance. Everything belongs and is perfectly as it should be, and precisely what I deserve. Even though my plans were to board a plane first to the U.S and then, after that failed, to Europe, me being prevented is perfectly just at some level, even if I’m not aware of it. Another way to put this:

If you get what you want, it’s divine direction. If you don’t get what you want, it’s divine protection. 

There is a good reason why I didn’t immediately get what I want and it’s always ultimately to the benefit of my soul, but not always the benefit of the Ego. It is through a humble and optimistic attitude, that peace of mind is maintained. Often, we see in retrospect why the way it happened was really for the best.

Would I be able to leave soon? Maybe. Until then, there is a wonderful, tranquil peace of mind in the knowledge that nothing is coincidence and I trust the always brilliant plan of the highest source.

It soon turned out that there was a family-reason why I needed to travel to Europe. I won’t share the details here, except to say that it’s a blessing that I arrived in Europe when I did.

During my stay at the exempt Hotel, I learned a lot of mind-blowing things.  One example: I was escorted from the airport to the Hotel with a shuttle, when the driver casually asked me: “So where did you arrive from today? I had another couple from the U.S. arrive earlier today”. In New Zealand, new arrivals never go to normal Hotels. All go to Quarantine facilities for two weeks (the first reason I desired to leave New Zealand is because all Quarantine facilities were booked out for years. There was no chance of returning to my home if I left it – yes, all that and much more under the guise of “Covid”).

According to the Governments and media, all new arrivals must go into Quarantine. So I asked the driver: “Don’t arrivals go into Quarantine?” I could tell he was taken by surprise. His eyes widened for a brief moment, as if he had been caught telling me something that he wasn’t supposed to. He just realized that I wasn’t one of those new arrivals that had one of those special exemptions. He stammered. “Uh..yeah…yeah…uh…most people do. Most people. But there’s…uh…exemptions…you know…I mean…uh….”. Apparently some people do not go into Quarantine. Just like some Hotels are not closed. It’s like there is an elaborate system of rules for the general populace, but if you have insider-connections, you can get around the rules.

Something strange is happening in the country. They shut it down, letting nobody in, with the promise that it would allow them to keep the country open within. That promise was broken. On the drive to the airport, we went through several checkpoints with heavily armed police, even though the airport was nearly empty.  There were only three flights going for the whole day, and ours had only 7 people in it, besides us. Why was I seeing more military and police throughout the country than civilians? What does any of that have to do with a “virus”? Also, transporting 5 to 10 people on average, means that these airlines are operating at an incredible loss. How can they still be operating? So many things that make me scratch my head.

All entrances to the airport were closed off, except for one. The airline had to do everything manually, because the electronics had been shut down. The airline was giving me information that contradicted the Government. The only two airlines I saw having flights, were Emirates Airlines and Singapore airlines. Air New Zealand (partially Government owned), which normally runs the airport, was not operating.  Why not? Who is in charge of this airport now? It felt eerie.

In the weeks before I left the country, they were mass-vaccinating people, driving vans to workplaces and schools and even going door to door. The were staging entire vaxx festivals with concerts and free food. The country of New Zealand has one of the largest rates of meth addiction and one of the highest teen suicide rates as well as high rates of domestic violence, but the Government never campaigned this hard on behalf of those issues. People who refused the jab, lost their jobs. I personally knew half a dozen people who lost their jobs over “Covid”. Sinister: There were more vaccine deaths than covid deaths. That’s a statistical fact that anyone can look up. Funny how one covid-case locks down the whole country, but ten vaccine deaths doesn’t shut down the vaccine program.

In New Zealand they have this system called “contact tracing” where you have to sign in with your phone everywhere you go, “to keep others safe”. The people were following it religiously. More and more locations were going cashless. Some places required you to have a phone (for contact tracing), otherwise you couldn’t shop there. It was easy to see where this was going.

I finally managed to leave to a more free place. But it’s important to note that I felt the peace and freedom inside of me and it was not much different before I left vs. after I left. If you wish to be free, you must feel free to begin with and make your state independent of circumstances. Had I felt confined and imprisoned (and there were plenty of reasons to feel that way!), I’d have been prevented from leaving. All the problems I ran into while trying to leave were based in false beliefs. I believed a Covid test required 72 hours in advance, because the Government said so. That turned out to be a false belief causing trouble. I believed I could get no Hotel. That was a false-belief, also given by Government. These false beliefs were, that I didn’t have a choice in matters. But we always have a choice in all things.

Inner peace follows me everywhere I go. Collecting the peas is symbolic for how things become more peaceful when you bring order into your affairs. It is symbolic for not taking things as oppression, but as exercises in patience. Justice can take some time to arrive, but it always arrives in the end.

Inner peace is the best way to deal with difficulties. Complaint only worsens the situation.

The first thing I noticed after landing in Europe is that there was no “contact tracing” system. What a relief! But there are other forms of Covid-madness. I’m denied entry to restaurants and hotels unless I get vaxxed. If I don’t get vaxxed, I need to get newly tested each time. Otherwise I don’t participate in public life.  While walking around, I came upon a homeless person who was trying to sell me a magazine made by and for the homeless. I didn’t want his magazine, but I got an idea. I noticed that neither he nor his fellow homeless were wearing masks. None of them were social distancing like everyone else. The homeless are truly outside of mass consciousness. I said: “Do you know anyone who got Covid”?

What do you think his answer was? You guessed it. He didn’t know anyone with Covid. Imagine that! Weird, huh? In a real pandemic, the homeless are the first people to get sick and die. The first! I often get these things when talking to real people instead of listening to the talking-head on TV. Previously, I asked a cashier at a large supermarket (reported in another article). Where are the cashiers and homeless people dropping dead? The “pandemic” doesn’t exist except in the minds of the gullible and fearful. They create it with their minds and some of them get sick. This group of homeless (and I saw about 20 of them hanging around), had no access to the screens, so they didn’t know they are supposed be scared and get sick.

My adventurous escape from Covid-Madness partially done, but not yet complete. I’ll let you know when I’ve arrived at a place that is entirely free (if such a place even exists anymore).Meanwhile, I’ll keep responding to madness with peace.




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