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Acting like a Millionaire costs you $0

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

To more rapidly achieve your goal, act as if you already have it. It’s the “acting-as-if” method of manifesting a reality (see my book Reality Creation and Manifestation for details).

People with financial goals, have taken this to mean they should spend like a Millionaire, even though they aren’t. “But if I’m acting as if I’m a Millionaire, I’d be spending a lot more money” they tell me. But would you really? Most Millionaires I know, are more into MAKING money than spending it. Unconscious consumerism is more a trait of the poor than the rich.

Acting Rich is Having Character

It costs $0 to act-like-a-Millionaire. None of the traits that lead to financial success actually cost any money. This is a list of things that will make you successful, that don’t cost any money:








Common Sense





It costs you nothing to practice any of these. The only way to get rich cleanly (no strings attached), is through these character-traits. The value of your enthusiasm for your work, is immeasurable.

A lot of people tell me that before they can “get rich”, they need to invest loads of money, but that kind of thinking is circular. It’s true that you can get even richer if you are already rich. But if you are not rich, you don’t have money to invest. Instead, you can be rich within (see list of traits above). It’s predictable that these traits in Business, eventually turn into real riches. The real purpose of Business is in fact, to bring people together so that they can practice these traits. As such, Business is a good and spiritual activity. Seeing it that way, will help your financial state. Most people see Business as something non-spiritual or even ethically questionable. Thinking that way, sabotages your own abundance. There is nothing more ethical than exchange of value that makes both sides of the exchange more trusting, reliable, creative, etc.

Acting Rich is Having Something to Offer

Back when I still read LinkedIn messages, I’d receive one like this every other day:

Hi Fred, I am reaching out to you to explore opportunities to help you get a six-figure income as a Coach“.

I once responded: A six-figure income would be a step backwards!

I receive hundreds (!) “notifications” a day, across different platforms. Many expect some kind of response, while giving or offering…


Consider the message above. Whoever sent me that, doesn’t even bother finding out who they are talking to or what my needs might be.

An email I got the other day: “Hey, I know Rick, who once did a Podcast with you. I’d like to meet you personally to talk about a few things that have been bothering me”. I declined, so he got more pushy: “I’m a friend of Ricks!” as if that meant that I owe him something.

Some people do offer me stuff, but don’t bother finding out whether I am at all interested in what they are offering. Believe it or not, several times a year, I receive offers for sex. Where were all these offers when I was 20 years old? I’d have loved them back then! Today, I have zero interest. I am offered consultation, tarot-card laying, astrology consultations, advice for my writing, advice on which topics I’m supposed to write and thousands of other things I never asked for.

Offering people stuff they don’t ask for, is a poor Business Model. Great customer-service is to find out what your customer wants, and offer that.

Only Businesses that do what customers like, thrive. Any exception to this rule hints at corruption.

So what do I want that you could offer me? Nothing, frankly. LOL. I’m happy. If I ever need anything, I’ll let you know! But honestly, intuitive people prefer looking for stuff themselves.

The basis of effective marketing is to know what the other person wants and to be able to offer that. It is marketing that addresses a persons higher self, not the repetitive-brainwashing-marketing that addresses the lower-self.

The problem with most marketing is that it’s founded on false and outmoded ideas that don’t work on people of average intelligence and consciousness level. Propaganda, repetition and coercion only work on the weak-minded. Fortunately, more and more people are getting fed up with fear-based and conditioning-based ways of Being.

Acting Rich is Being Authentic

Some people ask why I am not smiling in many of my photos. The reason is, I don’t like smiling on command, because it’s not a real smile. A real smile is when I’m being photographed while having fun and don’t even know I am being photographed. You know how few selfies people post on their instagram are spontaneous? Very few. But spontaneous photos (photos taken unprepared, without you knowing) always have more authentic energy to them. Sure, I post a lot of photos where I am “posing”, but at least I am not trying to convey emotions I don’t feel in that very moment. I recall meditating on a mountain top. Every couple of minutes, some tourists would reach the mountain top in a normal mood. Then they would briefly act ecstatic while taking selfies and then return to their regular mood. It was a hilarious display of inauthenticity. I’m not judging it. I’m just saying that inauthentic ecstasy makes it more difficult to experience real ecstasy. Being in touch with how you really feel, makes it much easier to change how you really feel.

For the same reason, I don’t write as good when writing at request, than writing from inspiration. Non-robotic, higher-self people, are better with self-chosen tasks than with ones imposed.

Fake Smiles are very common. Advertisement and Model Photography are full of fake smiles. Good photographers get their models to find real joy. A good movie director will do numerous takes of a scene if the actress is not feeling the real emotion. Acting is a challenging profession, because it’s not acting.

So what does authenticity have to do with being rich? The Universe rewards courage, truthfulness and effortless Being.

Acting Rich is Being Free of the preoccupation with Money

A frequent exchange you’ll hear between me and my wife:

“How much did it cost?”

Fred: “I don’t know”.

After a whole year of her asking me this question, I asked back: Have you ever noticed that I always say that I don’t know how much it costs? Maybe I’m the wrong person to ask.

I realize that many rich people say it’s really important to save money and crunch the numbers. But to me, that’s not the law-of-attraction viewpoint, it’s the work-hard viewpoint. One is mid-consciousness, the other is high-consciousness. In my view, money is not something anyone needs to worry about. If you act-as-if you are rich, you assume there is always more and you’ll always be well off.

Acting like a Millionaire costs you $0.




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