Acknowledging the Creator makes you a better Creator

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Frederick Dodson

Acknowledging the Creator makes you a better Creator

A large chunk of self-improvement literature makes no mention of God, Source or the ultimate Creator. They teach that self = creator. While it’s true that self is a spark of the creator, the creator within, teaching self = creator without acknowledging the ONE that created self is megalomaniac.

You get the best results in reality-creation by loving your Creator. Trying to get by without Source is like living a decapitated life.

Here’s why: Once you see you can use your will to create the reality you prefer, you also see how everything is a creation, everyone is a creator and increasingly bigger realms of creation. Once you figured out how reality works, it dawns on you that there must be an ultimate Creator. Loving the ultimate Creator opens access to greater creation-skills because you’re then learning from the best.

As you ascend in consciousness, the ONLY relevant thing in your life is to put attention on your creator, learn and then use what you learned to go into the world and create. Money, love, sex, romance, knowledge and even energy become secondary because all these things are creation, not creator.

The SOURCE of money for instance, is much more important than money. Someone could steal my money but they can’t steal my creative skill that makes money. Creator is always more important than creation. If things get chaotic or difficult in your life, put attention back on what matters: Creator. Yourself as a creator and also the one that created you.

Your connection to source is, of course not dependent on one specific religion, denomination or belief-system. Your connection comes from attention to your Creator – that’s instant. It can be experienced anywhere and any time by anyone.

This is the basic essence of life with which all else becomes much easier. If the Ulimate and Absolute is your #1 Priority there’s nothing to worry about or fear because then you are connected to the part of yourself that is invincible and eternal.



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