Success without Strings Attached

Achieve more with less effort

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Are you a programmed work-slave or a conscious creator?

This 42 minute lecture and guided Meditation by Frederick Dodson helps you de-program the slave-worker mentality so that you can achieve more with less effort.

It is available in the Member Videos section, along with 44 other Videos or for $30 from here: Achieve More with Less Effort. 

Other Live Seminar Lectures posted to “Member Videos” in the last year (not to mention the materials of previous years):

  • How to Determine Your Level of Energy
  • Childlike Wonder and Synchronicity
  • The Wow Feeling
  • Gratitude vs. Taking for Granted
  • Levels of Attitude
  • Less Mind, More Energy
  • The Light of Consciousness
  • Levels of Motivation
  • Levels of Intention Manifestation
  • Your Wish Already Fulfilled
  • Playing with Energy
  • The Path to Your Life Purpose
  • One Hour Authenticity Training
  • Three Types of Action that Create Reality
  • The Superawareness Exercise
  • The Smooth Way to Fix Relationships
  • Changing Spaces is shifting Frequencies
  • Sending my Hear to Heaven
  • Using Problems to Your Benefit

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