This Training Program provides a complete path to Mastery of your Wealth and Prosperity. You will become an expert in money and success. You will learn which goals are right for you and how to achieve them.This page is the Map that points you to a prioritized selection of Tools that will accomplish the task, but you are responsible for walking the path. Make sure to take the information given and convert it into real activities and experiences. Apply what you have learned to situations that present themselves to you in daily life. And enjoy the Journey. 

Frederick Dodson

Level 1: Free Training

Your Training begins by viewing these tools and resources that are available for free. Of the hundreds of Videos I have produced on Success, these are the ones I’ve selected as most relevant to your Mastery of the subject. Please self-responsibly think about how you could turn the following theoretical lessons into practical experiences. One of the secrets of abundance is to make use of the enormous amount of resources you already have. Another secret of abundance is to take responsibility instead of waiting for others to fix things for you. These teachings have the power to lead you to the water, but you are the one who has to drink it. 

Recommended Reading

If these books and Videos have benefited you in all areas of your life and you experience a real sense of improvement, then you will benefit even more from the next Level. Do not proceed to the next level if the already given tools have created no or little change. Level 2 does not substitute lack of progress in Level 1. Level 2 will allow you to put into practice and experience what you learned in Level 1. The entirety of level 2 is exercises and techniques with which to use your emotions, awareness and actions to Master Abundance.

Level 2: Experiential Training

All of the materials below (and many more), can be accessed in the Members Section of this website, which is available for a mere $299 (which is a small fraction of what it would cost to attend each of these Courses separately). If you do not have access, you can get it here.  Please follow the Path in the order and context given below. Feel free to write down thoughts, intentions and observations in a Notebook or Journal – this will improve your awareness of the thoughts and emotions that influence your Success.

Begin with the program “Wealth Magnetic Workshop” which you can find here: Member Streaming Page. Complete the 10 Audio Recordings. Each of the Audios should be listened to at least once, and this one should be practiced repeatedly (three to four times) over several weeks: Recording #6. On the Members Download Page please also go to the “Manifesting Exercises” section and practice Audio #19 three to four times. This will prime your mind and subconscious for attracting abundance. 

In the Member Downloads section, go to “Coaching Audios” and listen to the following Audios at least once, as they intimately relate to your success: 10 Minute Decision Maker, An End to Procrastination, Essential Self Empowerment, Money Boost, One Month of Time Management nd Overcoming Procrastination (yes there are two audios on the subject, because its an issue). If you are dealing with communication issues, also listen to Overcoming Shyness. Spend about two weeks at this stage. 

Finally, listen to the Success Attracts Success Audio series on the Streaming Page. This is to remind you of and deepen things already learned. If you pay close attention you will have noticed that the whole, complete and entire “secret” to wealth is already contained within the first chapter of the book “Magnetic Wealth Attraction”. All other lessons unfold from that primary lesson. 

Recommended Viewing

This completes your Level 2 Training. You now own enough theoretical competence required to succeed in life. Convert it into specific Action. If these tools benefited you and you are already experiencing improved success, then you are ready to proceed to Level 3 where you not only collect experience but achieve Mastery. Notice how your life has changed since beginning this Journey. How this page, this map looked when you first saw it and how it now feels, now that you have gone through several weeks or even months. These positive changes will continue to increase in the weeks and months to come. Amazingly, things still keep getting better and there is more to come. 

Level 3: Masters Training

What separates an amateur from a Master is that the Master prefers doing, feeling and experience to thinking, hoping and trying. 

Proceed with the Webinar “Reality Creation for Small Businesses” on the Webinars Page. Don’t only enjoy the information, but learn from the Coaches attitude

The Money Training Video Course is not available in the Members Section, it is a separate product which can be accessed here. Please complete the entire Course . Pay special attention to the Worksheets and these Videos: Money Training Webinar, Work does not Equal Money and Character Traits of the Self-Made Rich. 

The Final Step in your Mastery of Success is to book Personal Coaching with Frederick Dodson. Not all things can be taught in generalized terms, some goals require tailor-made solutions. The more specific your goal, the easier it is to benefit from Coaching. 

This particular Journey has come to an end, but another amazing chapter in your Life has just started. Take what you have learned to bring better quality, better energy, better love, better confidence and true wisdom into the World. Having now cleaned up within, you might feel inclined to support others or take responsibility for bigger projects. Or you might just enjoy having fun for a while. As you now know for sure, there is no limit upwards or to what you are able to experience, so enjoy your perpetual expansion throughout this life and the next. 

Frederick Dodson

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