About Frederick Dodson

I am Frederick Dodson, author of more than 50 books in 7 Languages, success coach, consciousness researcher and international speaker. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, real-estate investment and researching fake history. I was born in the USA. I have lived in Germany for 15 years and speak fluent German. I’ve lived in New Zealand for 8 years. Currently I live in Florida.

As a success coach I have helped hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of individuals ascend in performance, awareness and ascension to higher states of consciousness. I believe there are many versions of “you” and that you can access higher-versions of yourself by which you attract different experiences into your life. I call this process Reality Creation. I have been teaching and coaching since 1992.

For those who are new to my materials, I recommend you start with the books “Parallel Universes of Self” and “Levels of Energy”. Then perhaps sign up to my Membership Site containing hundreds of audios and videos to deepen the lessons of those books and enjoy a way-above-average level of understanding, strength and well-being. Then I’d recommend you visit one of my live-courses – over the years, people have come to know these courses as playful, fun and speedily effective catalysts of improvement in all areas of life.

Mission Statement

Reality Creation Coaching is a provider of methods that help a person resolve non-optimum mental and emotional states to experience increased awareness, ability and freedom. We publish books, audios, videos and websites and conduct both one-to-one coaching sessions and large group workshops. These tools and methods are not confined to a specific belief-system but develop over time in accordance with whatever works best. Most of these tools are unique and cannot be found anywhere else because they derive not from intellectual reasoning but from inner contemplation and real-life experience.

My Mission is not to tell you what to think, but to help you learn to use your thinking and focusing as a means to create the life you prefer. I am the happiest when students have used their personal will and love to create a new reality for themselves, becoming more self-sufficient and more able to share their energy with others.

Worldview and Values

I am more interested in practical results than the theoretical ideas of various belief-systems. I genuinely love all and serve all and offer tools for people from all wakes of life but most specifically artists, creative-types, entrepreneurs, business-people and people in spiritual and healing professions. My concern is not what to focus on, but the process of focusing itself. My concern is not what you are looking at or doing, but who is doing the looking and doing. Even though I am without doctrine, my work is based on a few premises which are not part of the normal school curriculum or any scientific or religious paradigm. These premises are used because they universally work to the benefit of all who use them.1. Infinity is all there is, the Most High is the only Absolute2. Everything is energy manifesting in different densities.3. What you Focus on in thought, word and deed you attract/create.4. What you desire you lack, what you resist will persist.5. Love is the Ultimate Truth.These five items are a distilled version of my work. And if you look closely then every philosophical, religious, psychological or spiritual movement can be distilled to these principles. They might use other words but they still mean the same thing. Instead of “Infinity”, a religious person might use the word “God”, an Atheist the word “Nature” and a Mystic the word “Universe”.

90% of those who have come in contact with my teachings and work since 1992, report an increase in mental acuity and clarity, intensified appreciation for life and heightened productivity..

Reality Creation Coaching is not provided as a substitute for conventional therapy, medical treatment or common sense. Neither do I subscribe to the view that conventional reality is in any way inappropriate. All issues and realities are physical, mental and spiritual and improving one area, naturally improves all others.

The general characteristics of the Reality Creation Coach are Appreciation, Humor and Persistence. Working in this context provides an ideal space for you to advance.

A Summary of the Reality Creation Teachings

The Reality Creation Path

The most empowering question you can ask yourself is: Where is my awareness right now and where would I like it to be?

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