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A Useful Library of Free Survivalist Books

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

A student recently asked what to do for Reality Creation when “shit hits the fan”. Well, I believe in the power of thought, so I don’t think there is any shit that will hit any fan. As a conscious creator, I prepare for the best, not the worst.

But in the remote possibility that “shit hits the fan”, through War, economic collapse, zombie outbreak, alien invasion or creeping global tyranny under the guise of a pandemic, I’m still optimistic that humans will survive. We are resilient and resourceful and imbued with creative power beyond our wildest dreams.

Just for fun, I’ve compiled a list of badass books I’d want to have in a survival scenario. Imagine a small community of survivors and you intend to rebuild civilization. What are some of the books you’d hand out?

What touched me most, while compiling this list, is that today, most people don’t know how to do any of this! We are getting too comfortable, scrolling on our phones all day, and it makes people sleepy. Learning new skills keeps you fresh and awake. You could learn new skills, even if there is no survival situation.

I could have listed thousands, but chose just a few examples to show you the range of things that could be learned. I have not read most of these books. As I said, I’m an optimist. And I probably wouldn’t read a book to learn a skill but rather, observe someone do it and learn through imitating and doing it myself. Things are more quickly learned through experience than through books. The books would be used for additional reference and detail – or if there is nobody left to learn from.

Another reason for this list is because I just love books – especially unique and rare ones.

The books below are old. That’s why almost all of them are FREE (open source).

Sea Fish and how to catch them

The Family Fallout Shelter

Where there is no dentist

Big Book of Secret Hiding Places

Secrets of Meat Curing


How to make Soaps and Perfumes

Flying Machines: Construction and Operation


Windmills and Windmotors – How to build and run them


Making Houses out of Tires

Shoe Making – Old and New

How to disappear completely and never be found

The Desert Survival Handbook

Poor Mans Bullet Proof Vest

The Home Water Supply

Disguise Techniques

Uninhabited Ocean Islands

Escape and Evasion

How to build and furnish a log cabin


Setting Up a Safe House



How to Make Quilts

How to Treat the Sick without Medicine

Forge Practice and Heat Treatment of Steel

Nuclear Survival Manual

How to Ride a Horse


Emergency War Surgery

Unarmed Defense for the Soldier

Drying Foods

Earthbag Building

Building Firearms


Canoe and Boat Building for Amateurs

Escape from Controlled Custody

(if things get really rough)

The Beginners Book of Gardening

Practical Coach (Wagon) Building

Do-It-Yourself Solar Energy

Food Storage Cooking School



Cottage Economy

The Outdoor Handy Book

First Aid to the Injured

Secret Freedom Fighter


Wilderness Survival Handbook



You get the idea. I found most of these free books by using the search function at  You can find any book imaginable there.

Amazingly, we have instant access to the most information than ever in our History, but make the least use of it.



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