A free energy trick

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Frederick Dodson

Today: The battery runs out on my recording device. I don’t have replacement batteries.

My wife: “I can recharge them for you”

Me: “They’re not re-chargable batteries”

She: “Give them to me”.

1. She gets ice cubes out of the freezer and puts them into a bucket. Adds water. Drops the batteries into the cold water and stirs the batteries for a minute, as if cooking them. I think she’s pulling my leg.

2. She prepares a cup with warm water and adds some baking soda to it. She takes the cold batteries and drops them into the warm water cup and stirs them for another minute.

3. She dries the batteries.

I put the batteries into the device and it’s recharged, back up to two stripes (which will last me another 2 hours).

To imagine I’ve been paying for new batteries my entire life, not knowing I could recharge the empty ones.

Mind blown. 🤯


(Come to think of it: Is that why I alternate cold and hot showers? To recharge?)

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