Success without Strings Attached

A Collection of Anti-Covid Cartoons and Memes

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

These are the anti-Covid Cartoons and Memes I have posted on social media in the last year. I post them for your use, as others posted them for my use. Some of you have criticized me for my views on Covid, saying that I promote “selfishness” and don’t care about sick people. But I don’t do this for myself. I have no  benefit from posting these on social media, on the contrary. I do it for all the people who have lost their Business and livelihood in the last year, due to yet another mass-media-created scam. Loss of prosperity creates much more long term damage to society than a flu-virus with a 99.9% survival rate. I dream of a day when people get up, stand up and speak up for their civil rights.

Cartoons and Memes on this subject are rare and hard to find because they are banned on places like Pinterest and similar platforms. The best memes and cartoons, in my opinion, are the ones that not only inform but use a sense of irony or humor to do so. Use, share and inform.


























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