5 reasons to cancel your gym membership and workout at home

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Frederick Dodson

I just finished setting up this workout station I got for Christmas. It’s a very welcome addition to my home gym.

I know of one advantage of working out at a gym and five reasons to work out at home.

The only benefit of working out at a public gym is that when “everyone else is also doing it” it creates an “energy-wave” that makes it easier to work out. So if you lack discipline, then choose the public gym.

Five reasons I prefer home-gym:

1. Most public gyms play low quality music with low-quality lyrics. At home I choose what I prefer.

2. Most public gyms have several TV-screens playing at the same time. As PERIPHERAL objects, they have a strong effect on the subconscious (because the content is taken in without conscious awareness). At home I choose what I prefer (which is no screen at all).

3. Most public gyms lack hygiene because of the masses of people using and sweating on equipment. At home I have clean equipment.

4. Many public gyms are closed spaces that use Air-Conditioning instead of fresh air. At home some of my equipment is outdoors or I open the windows.

5. Most people in gyms put too much effort into workout because they are a) compensating for a poor diet b) compensating for emotional issues or c) believe success comes from hardship. The extreme strain can cause injury, body damage and also generate false beliefs about what it takes to stay fit, slim, etc. At home it’s easier to do light workout, combined with visualization. Most people don’t want to become a bodybuilding hunk they just want to be fit, flexible and strong in their body or have a good figure. To these people I say: It’s EASIER than you think. More important than the workout is the VISUALIZED self-image you have of yourself. Without that, you’ll be grinding out for years without the desired result. The equipment is then a mere PHYSICAL EXTENSION of an already existing SELF-IMAGE instead of a tool of compensation. Make sense?

Life is meant to be fun, not grueling. You grow by slightly exceeding what you were able to do before, in incremental steps, not by extreme exertion. See my book “The Flow State” for more on this.

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