New AUDIOBOOK: What do you know about human harvesting? An investigation of the alien-reptilian presence on Earth

The audiobook version of “What do you know about human harvesting?” NARRATED BY FREDERICK DODSON is now available on Audible and i-tunes.  The book so controversial, my regular narrator refused to do it. The book so controversial, I got uninvited to a 2024 “higher consciousness” conference. Get it here from the U.S.:… From the […]

Energy Levels of Clothing

If everything has a #levelofconsciousness #loc or energy-level, that also applies to clothing. I’ve made this list based on a couple years of experimenting. You may not agree with everything here, but see it as an invitation to simply experiment for yourself. Also, if you’re sensitive to it, you’ll notice that certain materials don’t mix […]

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