Shower of Love (New 2022 Version)

Giving space, time and attention = giving love, whether it’s to yourself or others. Giving yourself space, time and attention makes you less dependent on external energy (other peoples approval or substances). This is a new recording of the 2008 classic that’s been available in the Members section of my website, now public and available […]

Increasing Your Energy in 30 Minutes

A more lasting alternative to sugar or coffee. This new guided process provides an opportunity to increase your overall energy, health and zest in just 30 Minutes. It has been uploaded for all Members to the Member Videos page, among hundreds of other audios, videos and courses. It can also be rented separately here: Reality […]

Journey to Another Life (New 2022 Version)

The quickest way to “change your frequency” is to shift attention to an imagined better version of you. This guided Meditation is a new 2022 re-recording of the 2011 classic by Frederick Dodson.

My house was bugged but I thought it was a Ghost

Half a year ago I moved into a new house. In the first week, before we had furniture, I had the hunch that there was something wrong in the bathroom. I called it “bad vibe”. The rest of the house felt good, but when I entered the bathroom there were goosebumps. I said “I think […]