Sphere of Influence

A new guided Audio Meditation titled “Sphere of Influence” has been added to the Member Downloads page. You’ll find it in the “Coaching” Audios section. I’ve used this particular guided process when students asked how they could widen their “sphere of influence” and their positive effect as well as their attractiveness on other people. This […]

Expanded Foreground and Background Exercise

A new guided audio has been added to the Attention Training Course. It is the “Expanded Foreground and Background Exercise”. Apart from helping you to focus and release, tense and relax at will, you get a spiritual sense of perspective and widening through this practice. All Members have access to the Attention Training Course and […]

Let others be right

This is a lecture and guided exercise from the 2021 Flow-Seminar. It is about the energy saved and power gained when you let go of needing to “be right”. Part 1 of this process has been uploaded to the Member Videos page of this website. As a Silver or Gold Member you have access to […]

The Emotional Prosperity Exercise – Part 2

From a mind-based perspective, financial abundance seems to be rooted in studies, work, knowledge of business and the economy. The Emotional Prosperity Exercise is based on a different knowledge and explores the emotional roots of wealth. The exercise requires nothing more than a pen and a piece of paper and 30 minutes of your time. […]