You can feel truth in the body

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Your physical body reacts to energies, frequencies, the emotions of you and others. If you are skilled, clear and sensitive you can actually feel and measure truth within your body. This is similar to what I said about muscle-testing where truth makes the body go strong and absence-of-truth makes it go weak. Not only the muscles but your whole body as well as your intuition are like measuring devices. If I give you extremely negative news you may notice your knees go weak. If I give you extremely positive news you will feel uplifted. Well, people very sensitive to energy can also feel it when its neither extremely positive nor extremely negative. They can feel the nuances of energy-levels. Fear is actually only felt when you are keeping a falsehood in mind. F-E-A-R stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real” and shows that whatever you are believing or believing in or intending is neither good nor true. From my vantage point the words “truth” and “good” are synonymous. 

The ability to sense true/false is inherent within every human being. Feel truth. There are ways you can be led to lose this ability, ways in which it can be distorted (no, you should not do muscle testing at a drunken party). If you are not able to view something neutrally, without judgment, for example, you cannot really determine its energy-level-as-it-is. You are instead viewing a judgment. Thats why its almost impossible to measure your own energy level with muscle-testing (because you are biased toward yourself) and I dont recommend you do it. To exemplify the difference between perception and judgment: If I say “Don’t buy that companies shares, they are not in a good place right now” I am usually doing so from an unemotional, neutral standpoint.. Thats perception. If you however come home from a hard day of work, stressed out, full of resistances and desires and say “That company sucks big time! I hate them!” you are not reading the companies energy from perception but rather from judge-mentalism. Making a statement about something after long observation and personal experience from a fairly neutral place is not being “judgmental”. Bashing something without prior examination, that is being judgmental. Its like the difference between pre-judice and post-judice. 

In summary: t is good to rely on the truth you feel in the body when you are in a relaxed state. Whenever you are not in such a state, you cannot rely on the “truth” you feel in the body because it will be distorted by fear, anger, tension. So before truth-testing anything and drawing conclusions about something its advisable to relax. Your natural and “most true” state is a relaxed openness that gently observes and is completely unworried. This is the part of yourself that was never touched by the ups and downs of life, the part of yourself that was there before life and will be there after life. This broader perspective is aware of truth. The ego-self/mind cannot discern truth because it is programmed. And it is easy to program with all sorts of “information”. So to apply any sort of truth-testing, get in touch with the unprogrammed part of yourself that sees clearly. 

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