You are responsible for effort, not for the result

you are fully responsibleEvery new reality is crafted by investing energy/effort. Not over-effort or strain, but just the right amount of investment. Put energy into something and you get a result back. Effort invested can take many shapes – gathering resources, studying, manual work, time, concentration, talk, thought, acting. The nugget of wisdom I wish to teach today is that you are responsible for the effort, not for the result

What does that mean and why do I say it?

It’s so that you focus attention on what you can control, rather than what you have no control of. You have full creative control of your efforts. That is under your jurisdiction. The statement helps you stop wasting your time with factors outside of your conscious and deliberate control. 

Furthermore, the connection between effort and result is not always apparent. You may have invested into A but received back from B.. You may have worked many, many years on one thing, but reap rewards in an entirely different area. This is where it gets metaphysical: Energy is not linear and sometimes your investment into A gets you back rewards in B, C or E!

The fallacy is to think that investing all of those hard efforts into A was for nothing. Metaphysics relates to the invisible forces shaping your reality and it pays off to know some metaphysics/spiritual-science if you wish to make sense of life. That means our efforts will always be rewarded – without exception, ever! – but that sometimes the reward comes from somewhere else than you think it “should”. 

Case in point: I have been writing books for many years, but these books don’t really make any money for me – at least not enough to survive. However, I am making plenty of money elsewhere. So normal thinking would say: “Then quit writing books and instead do more of what works!”. But no, that is not how reality works. Would I quit following my Bliss by stopping to write books, the other sources of income – even if they have nothing to do with my books – would also decline. Why? Because joy generates energy and energy generates abundance.  Optimism is not the result of abundance, abundance is the result of optimism. Its all an “energy thing”. 

“You are responsible for effort, not for result” also releases you from the burden of being responsible for others. You can give your best efforts to others – if they don’t return the favor, that is not your fault. You will be rewarded from elsewhere. 

“You are responsible for effort, not for result” teaches you the art of “letting go” – you do not “let go” of the effort, you “let go” of exaggerated attachment to the result, let go of the “how, when and where” of its manifestation and instead focus on what can be orchestrated today. 

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