Top 10 ways to get High without Drugs

high without drugs 

10. A long walk through the woods

A long walk through the woods fills your vessels with oxygen which makes your mind mellow and your body strong. Surrounded by chirping birds, waterfalls, streams and other expressions of aliveness can get you into a pleasant state of natural high if you allow it.

9. Walking in the woods at night

If you can go through the phobia of a night-hike in the woods (and come out on the other side in a state of Courage or Ease), the experience becomes exhilirating and consciousness-altering. Seeing less your senses become more attuned to the smells of the woods and the trillions of shining stars above.

8. Sports-Flow

A sports-high comes about through intense concentration, oxygen and physical exertion. The sports high is a special high because one feels that one has “deserved it” through effort. Its the high you get when you have transcended the limits of the physical body. Its the altered state you go into when you get “into the zone” or “into the flow” in team sports or by yourself.

7. Breathing Techniques

There are a number of breathing techniques that can get you higher than the strongest worldly drugs out there. And without the negative side-effects. One form of breathing, called “holotropic breathing” can even  surpass the effects of LSD. If you are into breathing, look into the various yogic techniques and their purposes.

6. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is one way to feel very energetic and high if you can get to the appropriate levels of dream awareness. Some of my dream experiences were the highest and most blissful Ive ever had.

5. Singing

Any sort of singing that is done for a prolonged time, changes your energy-vibration and thereby your state, thus making you High. This is why singers look so happy. I would however recommend you chose the text that you sing wisely so that the message you are sending out is uplifting and positive.

4. Dancing

Dancing over longer periods of time eventually produces a state of trance which is one of the most common natural highs. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you intend on dancing for an hour straight or more.

3. Floatation Tanks

This is actually one of my favorite because its so easy. If there is a floatation-tank near you, go lie down in a state of sensory deprivation – see nothing, hear nothing – as all of your body-resistance evaporates because you are carried by saltwater. Use it for at least one hour per session. This tool will truly improve your life in many ways. No, I am not including binaural beats, brainwave inducers and similar “relaxation tools” in this list becausee the Floatation Tank so effortlessly accomplishes what so many other things only promise in their ads.

2. Concentration, Meditation and Relaxation

All forms of concentration, meditation and relaxation are actually done with the aim to get High.. Relaxation massages can get you a slight buzz whereas some forms of Meditation can have you feeling high as an infinite kite for weeks. Once the mind is calm and released, thousands of states and variations of bliss open up for your experiencing.

1. Religious and Mystical Exaltation

The direct experience of Higher Dimensions of Being through chanting, prayer and ritual is a reason some go through so many rigid processes. States of ecstasy and spiritual enlightenment make any worldly drug look lame in comparison. 

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