Thinking makes it so

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thinking makes it soI recently read about a scientific experiment (I forgot where, I just read a lot) regarding wine testing. They had cheap wine,the same cheap wine labeled as expensive wine and actual expensive wine for people to test. All participants were having their brains scanned but none of them knew what the test was about. They only knew what the wines cost (or believed they cost). Not surprisingly, the cheap wine was thought to taste bad and the expensive wine was thought to taste good. The cheap wine labeled as expensive was also said to taste good. But here is what is surprising: The brain-scans indicated that not only was the cheap-wine-labeled-expensive thought to taste better, it actually did taste better to the participants. The cheap wine and the cheap-wine-labeled-expensive were the exactly same wine but they tasted different to the participants. The brain-readings indicated that the participants taste-buds were effected differently, not only their thoughts. So here is what appears to happen: Participant sees price tag and expects a better taste. The thought that it will taste better, creates a better taste. Or as Shakespeare said: “There is no good or bad but thinking makes it so”. 

However, the experiment still revealed that the actually expensive wine actually tasted the best of all three, independent of the persons thoughts. That brings us back to the mysterious realm between subjective and objective reality. It is my view that the relationship is around 50-50. Hence, if you rummage around in a garbage bin, you wont get that smell off of you no matter what you believe. To perceive reality and energy-levels as they really are, you would have to be thoughtless, neutral, without expectation. To release an old reality you’d have to apply neutral attention to it. To create a new reality you’d have to develop positive expectations

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