The joy of surprise

the  joy of surprise

 The joy of surprise is one of the spices of life. It occurs when you hold a set of assumptions about what is going to happen and something entirely different happens. It occurs when you have a fixed set of rules and routines and open the fixation a little to let in something new. You have the capacity to experience more positive surprise, wonderment and amazement. One of the doors to this, is by providing positive surprise to others. As you positively surprise others you become the source of surprise and open the floodgates to the Universe surprising you. How could you be the giver of pleasant surprise to someone else today?

Another way to let in more positive surprise is by allowing yourself to perceive more and be surprised by things you normally dismiss as normal. If you look carefully, there is more happening than meets the habitual eye. As a practical exercise, look at something supposedly mundane and pretend for a moment that its actually amazing. As if you were surprised, raise your eyebrows, wrinkle your forehead, open your jaws and widen your eyes. This is the body language of surprise and it will produce a certain state and perception. You will notice that as you mimic certain states physiologically, your emotions follow. 

With such an expression on your face, check whether previously mundane things such as a parking lot, a grocery cart, people walking on the streets or the buildings around you look slightly brighter and more interesting. You`ll notice that as you generate more willingness-to-amazement within yourself, you become more present. You can live life as if nothing were a miracle, or as if everything were a miracle. I have found the latter to be more enjoyable. 

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