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This is the best education on higher states of consciousness and worldly success you can get for this price.

Access to my work is $100 a year and is automatically renewed after your year is over, unless you cancel your subscription before that. You can cancel any time.

By subscribing to Reality Creation Coaching you agree to keep the materials confidential and to yourself. They are not for general public view. Some of the materials are available for Download, some forStreaming. It is my intention that your membership will be the most beneficial thing you did to improve your overall situation in the game of life. So come on in and enjoy the new heights!

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Your life is created by what you focus on and how you focus

Attention Training is a series of 22 guided processes recorded on audio and available for instant access. Mastering your attention creates:

  • Improved Professional Performance
  • Relief of Emotional Pressure
  • Relief of Physical Pain
  • Heightened Lightness and Happiness
  • Extension of Focus and and productive Power
  • Ability to Shift Modes of Awareness
  • Improved Intuition

Any reality you wish to experience requires you to focus attention, to select and to immerse yourself into that which you want. Any reality you wish to stop experiencing requires you to open and diffuse attention, to release, to let go of, to shift from that which you don’t want. Attention Training teaches you how to do both. Reality itself is upheld by attention. Attention Training therefore addresses everything you will ever need to know about mastering life itself.

Listen to the 27 Minute Introduction to Attention Training here (while looking at the Modes of Attention chart linked here).

Attention Training consists of 20 guided processes that help you fully experience different modes of Awareness and easily shift between them. The result is a sense of well-being and empowerment you may have never before experienced.  

The program is available for audio-streaming (not Download). It’s price is $299. You can listen to it on your computer, smartphone or iphone by first logging into the streaming page (which you are instantly and automatically registered to upon purchase). Click here to own Attention Training

Note: The complete Attention Training Audio Course is available for FREE to all participants of the Reality Creation Video Course. You may Download on the “Bonus Page” (Week 11) of the Video Course. 

Note: The complete Attention Training Audio Course is available for FREE to all participants of the Reality Creation Video Course. You may Download on the “Bonus Page” (Week 11) of the Video Course. 

This is a 10-audio workshop on prosperity consciousness. They help you more deeply and subconsciously integrate lessons already learned in my books and articles on wealth and abundance. They are primary attitudes I have used in the past 25 years to be comfortably set up in the material world and to coach people toward financial riches.

I am certain that acting upon them improves your overall wealth, regardless of your current income, status, situation, social class or past experience.  They are most helpful for those of you who have their own Business or plan on having one. The Audio-Downloads are titled as follows:

1 Give and Take

2 A Million is no Big Deal

3 Reap and Sow

4 Who would you have to be

5 Creating Value

6 Beliefs that Make you Richer

7 Passive Income

8 Celebritize Yourself

9 Programming Wealth

10 The True Source of Money

This product is not for sale. It is available in the “Members Downloads” section of this website, meaning it is “free”  for Members of this website.

This product is not for sale. It is available in the “Members Downloads” section of this website, meaning it is “free”  for Members of this website.

Creative Visualization and Peak Performance just became much Easier…

“Imagination Training” is an 8-set Audio Product for Download to improve creative visualization and peak performance. It is available for FREE for some of you and for $69.- for others (see below).


Imagination used negatively is a descent into escapism, time wasting and delusion. That’s the kind of Imagination our schoolteachers were so worried about when they yelled “stop daydreaming!”. But used correctly, Imagination is outstandingly useful, a potent tool of self-therapy, peak performance and creative consciousness.


Things you can do with Imagination:

* Access knowledge and clues from the Sub- and High-Consciousness not available to the conscious mind. 

* Use guided imagery for traumatic incident and phobia relief

* Use pre-visualization to enhance your performance in challenging professional environments, for public acts, arts and sports.

* Use contextual daydreaming to improve your emotional state rapidly

* Apply Imagination to craft new behaviors and magnetize yourself for new realities and opportunities

Imagination being one of the most essential life skills you can practice its almost unbelievable that so few are practicing this skill.

Why are so few practicing it?

Because it’s not that easy to deliberately guide your thoughts if you are not used to it!


If you have no guidance and instruction, it can be difficult to actually sit down, relax and concentrate your mind on the task of Imagination Training. You can hardly hold on to one of the thousands of recurring thoughts you have every day, not to mention forming a brand new thought and intensifying it! That is why I created the Imagination Training. To help make this important journey of awakening, smoother and easier.


Imagination Training consists of 8 Sessions in which you are taught different types of uses of Imagination. The 8 Sessions are presented as 8 guided Audio Recordings spoken by me, Frederick Dodson. I will now describe each of the 8 Sessions and their purpose in detail so that all you have to do is put on the recording and can start training without having to listen to all the theoretical introduction.


Session 1: Private Garden

Guided imagery techniques take your Imagination to a pre-defined place of beauty for a number of specific purposes. This audio is used to train your Imagination, but because the speaker provides most of the scenario, less effort is required of you, the student. This technique takes you to your “private garden” to which you can retreat anytime to refresh and re-energize. It is also used as a symbolic gate to the Subconscious where you can correct erroneous beliefs.  Like all Audios in the program, this Session is meant to be used repeatedly, for increasingly better results. Length: 24 Minutes.


Session 2: One Day in a Life

This Session has been used frequently in my Coaching Work, but never published until now. You are guided through one day of your “ideal” or “perfect” life. But you are only guided partially by me (through the hours of the day) and meant to “fill the picture” (of what happens in those hours) yourself. The aim is Imagination Training and establishing a real idea and template of what you would like your life to be. If you cannot imagine the ideal, you cannot experience it. But from this point forward, you can and you feel it in the after-effect of this Session. Length: 20 Minutes.


Session 3: Your Real Passion

This Audio has already been published for free in the “Member Downloads” section. It helps you discover your “real passion” or underlying life purpose. You are guided to visualize an ideal scenario in which you already own and have anything. Having established such a state, you are asked: “Now that you have everything, what would you like to do?”. This uncovers your true hearts desire.Length: 5 Minutes


Session 4: Intensifying Imagination

Here you are taught to hold your attention on a self-chosen object and to intensify its various modalities: What you see, hear, feel, its color, shape and texture. This is Imagination Training in its truest sense because your thoughts go from vague and foggy abstractions to solid and almost tangible super-thought-forms. The side-effect of such practice is, as you can guess, a heightened emotional state and highly accelerated concentration abilities. 10 Minutes. Length: 8 Minutes


Session 5: Awareness Travel

In this technique you re-locate Awareness to another place and identity. Its purpose is to train flexibility of mind. Rather than stuck to the same memories and thoughts all day, you free yourself and make a radical shift in Awareness. Un-sticking your habitual consciousness in this way is a basic prerequisite for creative thought. Length: 10 Minutes


Session 6: Peak Performance

This session allows you to choose a skill you would like peak performance in. You are guided to experience it to perfection in your Imagination several times. This of course measurably improves the skill in “real life” because imagined practice and real practice have similar effects on the body-mind. If you imagine hitting a “hole in one” at golf or throwing the basketball through the hoop numerous times, you increase your real-life stats. This has been scientifically verified numerous times, if you care to look it up. The same applies to presentation skills, job interviews, approaching a potential partner or any other behavioral skills you would like to improve. Length: 6 Minutes.


Session 7: The Piano-Technique

This is the high point of Imagination Training. You take a person, place, concept or thing and experience it on various “quality levels” or “levels of consciousness”, from negative, to middle, to high to very high, back down again and then back up again. The effect on your mind state and ability is awesome. To understand it more fully I refer you to my book “Levels of Energy” and my website articles dealing with the “Piano Technique”. 20 Minutes. Length: 13 Minutes.


Session 8: The Manifesting Technique

If there is something you would like to manifest in your life, this audio is to be listened to every day either in the morning when you wake up or in the evening when you go to sleep. Daily visualization of your goal and subsequent letting go (“giving it to the Universe”, “Giving it to God”, “Letting the Subconscious work it out”) facilitate its manifestation. The audio is deliberately kept very short so that there should be no problems applying it every day until your goal manifests. Length: 4 Minutes.


Imagination-Training is FREE for all who own The Enlightenment Technique or the Reality Creation Video Course. You can Download it on your Enlightenment-Page or on the “Bonus Page” of the Video Course.


A Custom Made Meditation is a 7 to 20 Minute recorded Audio for your specific purpose. Once you have defined what you wish to create or let go of, order this item and send an email using the contact form. Please only use one topic per Custom Made Meditation. These are tailor-made just for you by Frederick Dodson.

The Reality Creation Supercourse is not a mere collection of techniques and advice, it is the blueprint that will unlock your entire potential and ability as a human being. Everything I have successfully taught over the last 20 years is encapsulated in this course in a very easy to learn manner. Worldly success and spiritual enlightenment do take some effort on your part, but I have made sure to make it as easy as possible for the average person.

The Bliss Course, Reality Creation Course and Infinity Course now in one package for instant Download
“The lightness, awe and wonder of early childhood
is something that goes lost throughout many
years of life on earth. This program was created
to regain some of that lightness, to find relief
and regain your full inner power”. – Frederick Dodson

The Reality Creation Supercourse is not a mere collection of techniques and advice, it is the blueprint that will unlock your entire potential and ability as a human being. Everything I have successfully taught over the last 20 years is encapsulated in this course in a very easy to learn manner. Worldly success and spiritual enlightenment do take some effort on your part, but I have made sure to make it as easy as possible for the average person. Thousands of people have derived great benefit from the course, some of which you can see on the Testimonials Page


Part 1: The Bliss Course


  • Release limiting beliefs and thought-forms authentically
  • Heal past trauma, emotional issues and subconscious blocks easily
  • Gain freedom from stuck attention, preoccupation and unfulfilled desires
  • Overcome resistances and frustrations, stress, addictions and compulsions
  • Gain a clear and relaxed mind and enter a state of perpetual flow and well-being
  • Discover your true hearts desire and life purpose
  • Replace overwhelm and exhaustion with zest, love and humor



Part 2: The Reality Creation Course


  • Make it easy to manifest new realities through the focus of thought, word and deed
  • Increase your levels of energy and determination beyond what is commonly viewed as possible.
  • Turn mere thoughts into magnetic beliefs that shape your destiny.
  • Follow your professional passions without doubt and procrastination.
  • Learn the art of “acting as if” for superboosting your envisioned life dreams.
  • Specific improvements in money, health and relationships are side-effects of this course.


Part 3: The Infinity Course


  • Gain the ability to meditate deeply and blissfully without much time invested.
  • Re-connect to the Most High, giving you a sense of confidence and spiritual purpose in your life.
  • Clear several “layers of the onion”, allowing the upsets of daily life to dissolve on their own
  • Allow yourself to be next higher Version of Yourself.
  • Let the radiance of love shine forth with a few simple techniques.
  • Experience speedily effective elevation-of-consciousness.

Please note that the entire Supercourse is now available for free streaming (not Download) for Members. If you want the Download-Version you can purchase it here.



Do you care about reaching a higher state of consciousness? The Enlightenment-Technique is a very simple 2-minute method of spiritual self-inquiry. It is…


* The one psycho-spiritual technique that replaces all others

* The one technique with which to dissolve old and create new realities

* The one technique with which to drop all the mental and emotional baggage

* The one technique that is a gateway to higher states of Consciousness

* The one technique that has as its basis the highest powers of all: Unconditional Love

* The one technique that uncovers subconscious limiting beliefs

* The one technique that leads to techniques becoming obsolete

* The one technique that unites eastern enlightenment-teachings with western psychology.


The Enlightenment-Technique was developed in my inner research-lab as the answer to the question: “How can my students access more rapid psychological and spiritual growth and success in life?” The Technique is presented in the form of an eBook you first read and a 45-Minute Audio-Program you listen to. It is a simple 2-minute-technique, but it must be presented in the proper context to be appreciated and properly used.


The Technique is based on the peculiar idea that you don’t experience reality as it is, but as you are. The subconscious roles and “belief-glasses” through which you see reality act as a prism or filter, allowing you to perceive and experience only a very small band or frequency of reality. The higher state aimed for is that of your “true self”, “soul” or “higher self”. What obstructs this super-high-state and clear view are numerous mostly subconscious roles, masks “personas” that you and others play that filter everything you experience. That’s why this technique does not look at what is being seen, heard or experienced but rather WHO (which version of you) is experiencing those many things. It can be applied to any subject, thing, person, place, idea, emotion, memory, thought, belief, space, time, situation. Applied repeatedly, it is like peeling an onion until all that is left is your real Essence.


The intricacies, variations and deeper layers of this simple technique are introduced in an eBook and Audio-Program which you can purchase access to. You cannot Download the eBook or the Audio, you can only use it on this website in the privacy of your home. Why? Because this is the real thing and must be presented, learned and used in a special context only. In the wrong hands and taught wrongly it is misapplied. In the right hands it becomes a jewel of wisdom and rapid consciousness expansion.


In the few years I have been using this tool with coachees who are ready for it. I am now making an easily applicable 2-minute version of it available for the general public. In considering for what price to offer this tool I thought that if I ask what its really worth, nobody could or would afford it. It has helped countless students increase their energy, health, finances, intelligence, emotional freedom and day-to-day appreciation of life and abilities, so what is that worth? Priceless perhaps. But if I asked too little money for it, it will be devalued and neither appreciated nor used with proper dedication. So the price presented here is something almost anyone can afford without devaluing it. Purchase your copy now and enjoy your personal journey to Enlightenment. You will literally never be the same person again.

FREE BONUS: The 8-audio-Set Imagination Training has now been added to this product for instant Download. You can read about this wonderful Course of guided Meditation and Visualization HERE. To get both “The Enlightenment Technique” and “Imagination Training”, click the following box:

The Enlightenment-Technique (as well as Attention Training and Imagination Training) are available for FREE to participants of the Reality Creation Video Course (see the “Bonus Page” Week 11). 

I have created a 7 week lucid dreaming program for home study and training. This program will help you induce lucid dreams but also go beyond that to hyper lucid dreaming and states of cosmic consciousness. The techniques mentioned on this page are enough to produce your first authentic experiences in lucidity. The hyper lucid dream program is a journey beyond your wildest dreams.  


It should be used in the exact sequence as shown here. The program is designed to last at least 7 weeks but there have been people who have expanded that time to 14 weeks or even longer. Audios should be used for at least a week or until you experience the desired effect. They should be used every day making exceptions only in unexpected time-restraints. Do not interrupt the program, even if you have to go on private or business travels, keep on going. It is preferable to save the audio files on your phone or mp3-player so that you have easy access to them every night. Do not use any of the audios in addition to the others in the first seven weeks. If you want to use additional techniques you may try out the techniques posted on this website or one of your own. After Downloading the Audios, return to this page to read and re-read the specific instructions to each weeks Audio:


Lucid Dream Intentions 


This guided audio is used in the first week of the program, every day while falling asleep. It combines so-called “binaural-sounds” and hypnotic-suggestions and statements of intention especially crafted for this series and for the purpose of lucid dreaming to induce altered states as well as improved dream-recall, improved vividness of your dreams. “Lucid Dream Intentions” runs for 27 minutes and opens the gateway.  


Hyperlucid Visualisation



This guided audio is used in the second week of the program, every day while falling asleep. Its purpose is to produce a wake-induced lucid dream by following various key-elements of lucid dreams, awareness-triggers and unique visualization techniques. You will find yourself walking up and down winding staircases, sliding down giant slides, walking along infinite corridors and finally awakening in a full-blown lucid dream, maybe for the first time fully experiencing your dream-self. Runtime: 30 Minutes.


Vivid Dreamer


This guided audio is used for the third week of the program, every day while falling asleep. It combines a method of circular breathing and alternating between deliberately sleeping and wakeful awareness to produce an even more vivid lucid dream experience. With this audio recording you are scheduled to move from the “Lucid” (stage 5) to the “High Lucid” (stage 6) state within only seven days. You will experience very special journeys, perceptions and feelings and see things you have never seen before. The audio is 21 minutes after which you are invited to continue the technique on your own until you fall asleep.


Copy Thoughts


This guided audio is used for the fourth week of the program, every day while falling asleep. It supports you in duplicating your stream of thoughts. This special method of Meditation creates a state of heightened awareness and “source-being-ness”, that, combined with previously learned techniques will stabilize your ability to be awake and aware during your dreams and thereby steer and alter reality on the dream plane as well as in waking life. The audio goes 15 minutes after which you are invited to continue the same technique on your own. After you have learned the technique you can also apply the Meditation without using the audio for the remaining days. However, the audio does contain binaural sounds which assist in creating the altered state required for lucidity.


Open Spaces 


This guided audio is used for the fifth week of the program, every day while falling asleep. With it you enter the realm of hyper-awareness after which naturally follows a state of Hyper-Lucid Dreaming, a higher level of consciousness and well-being than experienced by most people on the planet. The runtime of this audio is 26 minutes after which you allow yourself to fall asleep. The “Open Spaces” audio as well as the “Copy Thoughts” audio are recommended Meditations even outside the practice of lucid dreaming. They will heighten your well-being and awareness in general.  




This guided audio is used for the sixth week of the program, every day while falling asleep. It helps you repeat the experience of hyper-lucid dreaming and to possibly stabilize on a higher level of dreaming on a more regular basis. The runtime of this audio is 11 Minutes after which you are asked to continue the technique on your own while falling asleep. The technique may be used for several hours to create ever increasing levels of energy and elation. 




This guided audio is used for the seventh week of the program, every day while falling asleep. It is the most simple technique and yet the most effective when and if the previous steps and weeks were taken. This technique is sufficient to produce the state of Hyper Lucid Dreaming and can henceforth be used in place of all other techniques. The runtime is 90 Minutes but you are invited to use it for as long as it takes to produce the hyper lucid state.


Warning: You should not purchase or use the Hyper Lucid Dreaming system if you have a history of mental illness, epilepsy, trauma or are in ill physical health. You should not use this system as a means of escaping from or trying to avoid life. Only use the Hyper Lucid Dreaming system if you are in sound condition already and wish to expand your awareness to new realms. Just like flight is best undertaken from a stable platform, lucid dreaming is best undertaken from a healthy mind and body.


Important Notice: I will repeat it here – this program is only of use if you can upkeep the momentum of using it for seven consecutive weeks. Do not waste your time and money if you do not intend to hold that discipline. The audios are fairly easy to follow, but their magic unfolds in following them every day. Something you only do once in awhile does not make a lasting difference or impact in the quality of your life and your dreams. Something you use every day does. I want you to succeed and I want this product to have a great reputation for producing results, thats why I only want people who use it to its fullest potential to listen to it. Being willing to invest the money for the product and more especially the time with the product activates a psychological principle that says “because I have invested so much, I would really like this to work!”. This attitude is instrumental in producing results.

Voice, Production, Copyright: 2011 Frederick Dodson 

All future updates to Hyper Lucid Dreaming will be available to owners for free.


“Emotional Clearing and Energy Work” is the new 10-part Audio-Course by Frederick Dodson.

Everything a person experiences in life, was attracted through energy fields, balls, planks, spirals located within and around the persons body. Because they are invisible to the eye, energy-blocks or emotional wounds usually go unaddressed and continue to linger within a persons personal attractor-field. The Audio-Course “Emotional Clearing and Energy Work” teaches the student to feel that which cannot be seen and to release, dissolve and dissipate stuck emotions, recurring problems and energies. You can listen to Parts 1 and 2 of this wonderfully liberating, breakthrough Course for FREE here:

So where can I get access to this program? There are two ways. The complete 10-part Emotional Clearing and Energy Work Audio Program has been uploaded as a “Bonus” to the Levels of Energy Video Course. You find it there in “Week 3” of the ongoing program. If you are not a participant in Levels of Energy, then you can get it separately as an Audio-Stream for only $199 here: 

Once you have registered, you can log-in and listen to it on your smartphone, i-phone, i-pad, laptop or computer. The Audio Course will look like this and feature the following Audios:


This Audio Program is meant to be used with the intention of transcending any emotional issue at all, using three techniques: “Basic Clearing”, “Advanced Clearing” and “Attention Shifting”. These allow for remarkably swift releases of blocks, troubles, worries, fears and doubts. In consequence you feel more alive and energetic, able and ready to enjoy life to its fullest. The other applications are for specific and more moderate use. “Clearing Trauma” contains numerous triggers that bring up your deepest negative emotions. It should not be used unless you are quite confident in your Emotional Clearing abilities. “Clearing Entities” should not be used unless you can strictly stick to the exercise as it is, without becoming distracted. It will help you release all sorts of stuck energy that you hadn’t been able to release up to now – through just a few surprisingly simple techniques. All that is required of you is to find the time, silence and attention to practice. 

After you register, you are directed to a page with the streaming Audios to which you have full access for a lifetime. I have recorded practical Audios (Audio 3 to 10) in such a way, that you can even listen to them after you have become skilled in Emotional Clearing: Very minimally, without explanation but only navigation instructions for your mind and consciousness. I trust you will greatly benefit from these recordings.