Shifting people

power of beliefIn the workshop I am currently conducting we played a fun game on “shifting other people” that you may want to try out for yourself. The game requires two people sitting across from each other. The aim of one person is to stay serious the aim of the other person is to make them smile or laugh. Its an energy vs. energy game where the person with the strongest intent and focus wins. The person who is supposed to make the other laugh can say or do anything they want. In the group we did several rounds each and most participants were very easy to get to laugh, but some held their ground and stayed serious throughout. Those who radiated the humor felt better, those who were made to laugh felt better, but those who stayed serious also felt better because they felt the power of not being swayed by external influence. The conclusion of the game was that “you can shift some people some of the time but you cant shift all people all of the time”. The game can be played for as long as you enjoy. Lots of laughter is guaranteed. You will learn that it is easier to be shifting peoples moods when they are not strongly intending to stay serious. 

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