Reality Creation Graphs and Charts

Reality Creation Graphs and Charts

© 2005-2013 Frederick Dodson

This page presents some of the teaching illustrations we have published in the last years.All illustrations are © Frederick Dodson unless otherwise indicated. You may publish my illustrations on your Blog or Website if you indicate the source and link to this post. 

Levels of Emotion (copyright unknown)

levels of consciousness














Flow of Attention and Energy















Manifestation Flowchart

manifestation flowchart

































Free Will vs. Destiny

free will vs destiny















Things that Matter (copyright unknown)

things that matter













Don’t worry (copyright unknown)

don't worry










Levels of Consciousness on Planet Earth












Where do people go after they die?












Hierarchy of Needs (copyright Abaraham Maslow)

levels of consciousness











Secret of Success (copyright unknown)

secrets of success








What creates prosperity

prosperity create










Abundance Consciousness vs. Scarcity Consciousness (copyright unknown)

negative and positive emotion scale
















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