Reality Creation Coaching

Skype Coaching $299

  1. One Hour Skype Session with Fred Dodson
  2. Good for a single issue or goal
  3. Session Audio recorded for you
  4. Both Talk and Guided Processes
  5. Results-Oriented and Tailored to You
  6. Available within 1-3 days after Booking

Email Coaching $299

  1. Two Days of Email Coaching with Fred Dodson
  2. Good for multiple issues and goals
  3. Results-Oriented and Tailored to you
  4. No Limit to the Amount of Emails
  5. Available within 24 hours after booking
  6. Post-Coaching Follow Up

Intense Email Coaching $999

  1. Seven Days of Email Coaching with Fred Dodson
  2. No Limit to Amount of Emails
  3. Access to Video Course worth $1000
  4. Results-Oriented and Tailored to you
  5. Custom Guided Audio Meditations
  6. Available within 24 hours after booking

Advanced Coaching

Live Coaching $2999

  1. Seven Hour Live Coaching Day with Fred Dodson
  2. Focused on the Manifestation of Your Dreams
  3. Five Custom Audio Recordings
  4. Two Video-Courses worth $2000
  5. One Week Access to private hotline
  6. Follow-Up Skype Session
  7. Follow-Up Emails

Mentoring $25000

  1. One Year Life Transformational Coaching
  2. Five Days of Live Coaching
  3. Weekly Assignments by Email
  4. Weekly Skype or Phone Session
  5. Personalized Total Makeover and Speedy Results
  6. Access to All Products and Archives worth $15 000

V.I.P Coaching $5 Million

  1. One Year of Coaching
  2. Live Presence of Fred Dodson any time at request
  3. May Include Coaching of Family and Company
  4. Dedicated Mentoring on all aspects of Reality
  5. Custom-Created Products for Long-Term Success

Why Coaching?
Coaching provides an added boost of energy, accelerates your life-results and helps you see things from fresh perspectives. You are unique, one-size does not fit all, and what you require for the elevation of your consciousness, ability and the manifestation of your goals and dreams can be found within you and triggered by a Coach who is exclusively dedicated to your Success. 
I am Frederick Dodson, success-and-awareness-coach. I have authored 28 books, conducted more than 5000 seminars for private persons and companies (including “Fortune 500 companies”), and have been endorsed by celebrities. It is my intention that those who partake in my lessons are elevated to higher levels in all life-areas. Be the change you want to see in the world. Your experience of life is governed by your own awareness and attention. Directing attention in congruence with your true hearts desire is called reality creation. This way of approaching life is very rare. I thus offer training on reality creation coaching for all price-ranges. There are more than a thousand articles on this website available for free. But as reading about swimming does not teach you swimming, coaching provides more rapid advancement:
Skype-Coaching: Choose this if you have a single issue or goal you’d like to accomplish. I usually say that 1 to 2 skype sessions on a particular topic are enough to achieve improvements. The sessions usually begin with an informal chat between the two of us, followed by a guided session (emotional processing and focused visualization) based on the topic. A few examples of things achieved in only one hour:
* One person who wanted to get a role in an Audition of a major Hollywood production, got it.
* A woman who hadn’t been able to get pregnant for years, got pregnant
* A man who whose employees wanted him to resign, turned the situation around and is now respected
* A woman with neck pains she had for several years, released them.
Phone or Skype Sessions create good, rapid results if your intentions are clear and specific.
Email-Coaching: If there are several goals or issues you’d like to address or you are not quite sure what the issue is or which goal you’d like to aim for, choose email coaching. This gives us three days time to examine, reflect and focus. Both Skype and Email Sessions come with a 1-day-money-back-guarantee if you are not absolutely delighted with the results of your session.
Live Coachings take place in the area I currently reside. If you’d like me to travel to you, travel costs will be billed.
The “high price” formats “Mentoring” and “VIP Coaching” are by application only. Because they require a high level of dedication by both of us and I treat my personal time as precious (I recommend you treat yours the same way), I only accept three Mentorings or one VIP-Coaching a year. To apply, send me an email detailing where you would like to be in life regarding your physical vitality, your spiritual state, career success or any other topics you’d like to focus on. Share a little about your background and why you think Reality Creation Coaching is right for you. If you have any questions about the process, ask. My response to you will generally outline the Coaching-Process and work out the terms of our long-term session together.
Mentoring and VIP Coaching provide a “Total Makeover” and give you access to myself – a lifelong expert-coach for a whole year. I adjust my living arrangements, de-prioritize the rest of my activities and focus my energies on the improvement of your life in all its aspects. I shall see you as an enlightened and outrageously successful human being so that we can work together to make it so.
People who make use of Reality Creation Coaching want improved clarity, strength and well-being. They are interested in understanding how life works and to experience tangible evidence of higher realities. Some would like to learn how to generate more wealth and career elevation. Others contact me to improve their health through mind/spirit means. And some are seeking to improve their relationships or attract new ones. Whatever area of life you seek improvement in, you have the innate capability to make things better. And even better.

Want to organize a Reality Creation Course near you?

If you’d like to organize a Reality Creation Course near you, please visit this page. To arrange a lecture, guest-appearance by Frederick Dodson or to request other coaching-formats, please use the contact form.