Rapid Problem Dissolver


You will now learn how to dissolve any issue.Before you go out and get any self-help product, try this “rapid problem dissolver””. The first step is to identify in specific terms what the issue actually is. You can identify a number of issues such as “tension”, depression”, “being lonely”, “being dissatisfied”, “having no time”, “doing a job I don’t like”, etc., but in cases you have misidentified the problem, you won’t dissolve it. Note that nothing that happens in external reality is a problem. The problem is in your inner reaction and subsequent interaction with the things you say you don’t want. All “problems” are just labels you use to cover up the actual inner contraction.  This contraction can be felt in the body, and through open awareness, be allowed to widen and relax.

Think of one of your so-called problems now. If you think of it, you will notice subtle or noticeable changes of body-sense. These are reactions that you have consciously or subconsciously created. Another way to say this is that you have “stuck energy” within you. When some unpleasant event occurs, there is a natural reaction which if felt as a fairly brief pang of pain or mis-emotion. If you allow that energy to pass through and understand that it is entirely OK to feel that way and entirely natural to react in that way, the energy dissipates by itself in due time. But if you resist it and further label it, discuss it, try to change it, try to get rid of it, try to solve it you add importance to it, you ad “spin” to the energy and it starts to rotate and get stuck in your energy-field. It gets stuck there because of your continued involvement with it. The way to release this energy is to slow down – to slow down so dramatically, that resistance is dropped and the energy is allowed to dissipate on its own. The Bliss Course offers several processes to support you with that. But there are some who even misuse processes such as “The Bliss Course” to keep resisting and “not having to deal with it”. I will therefore now go into more detail on the tricks the mind uses to keep resisting and how to discover and dislodge those tricks.

The first step is to slow down massively. Slow down your movements, your breathing, your looking. Allow everything to become softer and slower so that you can just sit there and be aware without any desire or inclination. When you do so, whatever wants to be dissolved can come to view. Then, instead of giving the stuck energy a label or thinking about it or discussing it, simply feel the energy-sensation that it actually is. Every “problem” you thought you have is nothing more than an energy-sensation. As mentioned in a recent article, there is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain is the initial pang of energy, but suffering is when you resist it and prolong it through time. If, for example, you suffer from depression, you would have to sit down for a while and practice releasing resistance toward it. You would have to sit down and remove the label “Depression” and remove the label “low feeling” and actually sit through what is actually there and really happening. If the mind is racing with all these labels you can’t possibly access the actual energy that is creating it all. So what you do is sit with the “problem” (not even using the label “problem” anymore), and you continue to sit with it, breathe with it and softly examine it until it dissolves on its own. It is not you that dissolves it. It dissolves on its own when you stop pushing it. So you gradually give up your desire to do anything with it. Your only intention is to give yourself and the emotion or issue plenty of time, space and attention to develop of its own, in whichever direction it wants to develop. This will usually create some sort of “discharge of energy” which may or may not be accompanied by crying, a sigh or some shift in mood. Everything changes, nothing is permanent, except awareness. How can you tell whether you are still subtly resisting or dissolving energy? If you are resisting, the exercise makes you more tired. If you are dissolving, then you are gradually regaining energy. You may require several “sittings” with whatever it is that was bothering you. The aim is to get down to the essence of what it is, to look deeply into the core of what you have been calling a problem. Once there is no more inner react-er, then the outer circumstance attached to the problem will begin to disappear from your experience. Or did you think it was a coincidence that certain stuff keeps happening to you and not to some others?

deep-meditationZero Resistance

I will now give you transcripts from real coaching-sessions as examples of using this simple process. There are different ways it can be done, but essentially they all involve giving up resistance.

Student: I have been diagnosed with depression.

Coach: What do you mean by depression? I`m asking so that we’re on the same page with our definitions.

Student: I just don’t feel much joy about anything.

Coach: Have you tried therapy or medication?

Student: Yes.

Coach: And?

Student: I still don’t feel much joy in life.

Coach: Is there anything to feel joyful about?

Student (tearful): I`d like to be able to share the excitement with my two children, but I am faking it.

Coach: So you are putting yourself down for not being as energetic as your children?

Student (still tearful): Yes. I am not allowing myself to just feel lousy and trying to put on an act. Its exhausting.

Coach: Alright.

Coach: Might depression actually be an appropriate response to certain things that have or are happening?

Student: (thinks)

Student: I don’t know.

(Note: None of the questions thus far are the application of the process. They merely serve to soften up and pre-pave things)

Coach: Alright. I am going to ask you to release your resistance toward your depression.

Student: I wouldn’t know how to do that….?

Coach: Just sit with it for a few minutes. Sit with whatever you are feeling. Tell yourself “It’s OK to feel this way” several times, and relax into the present moment. I am going to leave the room for a few minutes so that you are not distracted. See if you can just feel whatever you are feeling and let it be. Do not attempt to push or pull, get rid of or change, make bigger or smaller anything. Be with what is – as it is. Do not label what you feel “depression”. If you look deeper, you will notice a kind of heaviness in the body, mind or even around your body, a kind of energy-field that has been labeled “depression”. Do not label it anything, not even “heaviness” and perhaps not even “energy-field”. Just sit with it. I`ll be back.

Student: OK.

(5 minutes later)

Coach: Alright. Thank you.

Student: (nods)

Coach: What happened?

Student: Well…it’s interesting. It’s still there and it’s still unpleasant. But I got a clearer idea of what it feels like.

Coach: Could you describe it some more?

Student: It’s kind of dull and gray. It makes my forehead tired. My chest is like “closed” or something. Does this have anything to do with chakras?

Coach: Maybe.

Student: But it’s still there. It’s just a joyless kind of weight that is hanging there. It’s been there for a long time.

Coach: When you say “it’s still there”, that implies that you are trying to get rid of it?

Student: Ummm…well…isn’t that the purpose of our Session?

Coach: In a way, yes. But ultimately we don’t want to get rid of anything but rather transform the way you respond to the various energies. And specifically in this session I am asking you not to get rid of it, but rather welcome and accept it. As long as there is resistance, you are still pushing at it as some kind of external phenomena you are the “victim” of. So I am going to ask you to sit with it some more. In fact, we are going to sit with it until its gone.

Student: That could take a long time. I could be sitting here all day!

Coach: Well, then so be it.

Student: But isnt this supposed to be a “rapid” problem dissolver?

Coach: And it is. Some people carry this stuff around a whole lifetime. Some for several lifetimes. What are a few days of dedicated attention compared to that?

Student: I don’t know if I am willing to sit here all day. It seems kind of pointless to me.

Coach: Well, you can either fully surrender your resistance and thereby have a brand new experience of energy-dissolution, or you can run from self-help book to self-help book, therapy to therapy, method to method, looking elsewhere – looking anywhere other than at the actual issue. All I am asking you to do is to be with the actual issue.

(Note: The students reluctance to even give the issue more than 5 minutes of time, space and attention is part of the resistance that is keeping the depression in place. While depression also has chemical, sociological and inherited as well as psychological components, resistance makes the problem much more acute than it has to be).

peeling the spiritual onionEven more Surrender

Student: Alright, so I`ll sit around for some more. For how much longer?

Coach: Until it runs out. Stuff runs out. Everything runs out. Everything is limited in time and space. Nothing is permanent except awareness.

Student: How long does it take for Depression to run out?

Coach: If there is no resistance, it runs out in no-time, literally. If there is resistance you could be sitting for several hours, days or even months before the whole thing is finally experienced to its end. Everything that is created wants to be experienced. When it is fully experienced, attention retrieves interest from it, lets it go, quits juicing it with importance and you will no longer have depression.

Students: I don’t have the time to sit here for months.

Coach: It takes as long as it takes. But dissolving stuck energy is the most beneficial thing you can do. It means you can move on in life…to the next problem:-) If you do it correctly, you can overcome it in a shorter amount of time. You just have to experience it fully and without any resistance whatsoever. This is called surrender. Let go of trying to change it, trying to understand it, trying to heal it, trying to solve it and just surrender. “Let Go and Let God” as they say.

Student: …

Coach: Where are you?

Student: What do you mean?

Coach: Where are you with your thoughts, with your attention? Are you fully present? Become fully present, as if this moment is the most important one.

Student (eyes widen): OK…

Coach: Now become even more present. As if you are feeling, seeing, breathing, perceiving everything for the first time. Be fully connected to what is happening right now.

Student: OK.

Coach: Be present for the next few minutes. I´ll be back.

Student: OK.

(5 minutes later)

Coach: Hi there. How was it?

Student: Interesting…

(the student is now speaking less and experiencing more)

Coach: What happened?

Student: I noticed how I keep trying to be anywhere other than the present moment. I think this is a major stopper.

Coach: …

Student: I understand what you mean by just sitting.


Student: …

Coach: I´ll leave it at that for now. Let’s talk again in a week or so.

Student: What if the depression comes up?

Coach: What do you mean by “depression”?

Student: What if that sensation comes back?

Coach: Then become present as ever. Its a widening of the eyes, an increase in interest in what is going on right now. If you are wanting to get rid of something, you have zero interest in it. That’s why it keeps nagging at your attention like a little kid. Once you show genuine interest it ceases to be a problem. And once it runs out, you are left wondering: “OK whats next? What are my options?” From that point forward you are no longer coming from reactive-ness, from trying to solve something, you are coming from freedom, from well-being, from open and calm awareness.

spiritual pinnaclePeeling the Onion

This process acknowledges the absolute fact that everything has a beginning and an end. If it were not limited in time or space, it would be the Infinite/Ultimate. Feeling negative energy points to something unfinished, uncompleted. Once its finished, there is no more emotion about it and no more interest in it. Its run its course, its burned out. This applies to positive and negative realities.

It may be of some benefit to know when the problem began, because that puts your perspective slightly outside of the bubble that contains the issue. Pinpointing its beginning implies that there is an ending. And it may also show your part in creating the problem.

So whatever is bothering you, hold it in mind intentionally, and let its “charge” run through your body. Run the movie over and over again deliberately. This is very different than running problems in your mind on automatic. You see, its their deliberate creation that puts you in control of them, puts you into a perspective prior to the problem, outside the bubble of the problem. Alternatively, “let it run” without intervention if running it deliberately seems like a “pushing”. Either way is good. One is proactive, the other is non-reactive.

When there is not a hint of resistance left, the problem just pops. It dissolves. If the problem was external – in the world or another person – it does not dissolve, but it puts you into a position where you can actually help. Here is another variation of the Rapid-Problem-Dissolver applied to fear. Notice how we just surrender and drop into that fear fully, without preparation, denial or aversion.

Peeling the Onion

Coach: What are you afraid of?

Student:. That my wife is seeing another guy

Coach: Alright. What happens if your wife sees another guy?

Student: She might fall in love with him and leave me.

Coach: OK. What happens if she falls in love with him and leaves you?

Student: I will be rejected. I will be alone.

Coach: What happens if you are rejected and alone?

Student: My life will lack purpose. I will have failed.

Coach: What will happen if you failed and your life lacks purpose?

Student: I dont know…

Coach: What might happen then?

Student: I might become depressed. Or I might have to reincarnate all over again because I missed the lesson.

Coach:: And what happens if you become depressed and then have to reincarnate again?

Student: Maybe the lesson gets more difficult. Or I am just forgotten and fade away. My soul dies.

Coach: And then?

Student: And then Im extinct.

Coach: And then?

Student: (laughs): And then nothing.

Coach: You seem to be taking this quite humorously now?

Student: Well…yeah, its kind of funny if you break it down like that. I knew all fear is actually the fear of death, but right now I just experienced it.

Coach: Is there any fear left?

Student: Well, maybe I dont die. Maybe I go to hell.

Coach: Alright. And what happens if you go to hell?

Student: I get attacked by gruesome monsters.

Coach: And what happens if you get attacked by gruesome monsters?

Student: They pick at me, torment me, eat me up.

Coach: And what happens if they pick at you and tormet you and eat you up?

Student: (smiles): Then Im eaten up! (laughs)

Coach: And what happens when you are eaten up?

Student: I dont know

Coach:: Is there any remaining fear?

Student: Well, this idea of being eaten up still has some charge.

Coach: OK. Imagine being eaten up by gruesome monsters.

Student: Who would have thought that my fear of my wife leaving me goes back to the fear of monsters.

Coach: What happens when you are totally eaten up?

Student: Nothing, I guess.

Coach: Then go back to the idea of your wife leaving you.

Student: OK

Coach: What does it feel like now?

Student: Well, compared to those monsters, its nothing (laughs).

Coach: Is the charge gone?

Student: No, there is still some concern there. Just a little.

Coach: OK. Lets look at it. What could happen?

Student: Its about being rejected and lonely. About not belonging.

Coach: And what happens if you dont belong?

Student: Then Im isolated.

Coach: And what happens if you are isolated?

Student: Then everyone is having fun at some party and Im standing outside and cant get in. I have this image from childhood. It just came up.

Coach: OK. View that image for a minute.

Student: OK

Coach: What happens if you are standing outside and cant get in?

Student (laughs): Then I`ll get in somewhere else!

Coach: Thats for sure. Anything else?

Student: Then I`ll find out how to get in.

Coach: Good. Anything else?

Student: I have this image now of being set out on an island. The image is not even from this life or anything.

Coach: What happens if you are set out on an island?

Student: I die a slow and painful death.

Coach: And what happens if you die a slow and painful death?

Student: Nothing. Its the same thing as before. This is going in circles. I guess its about dying.

Coach: Most fears are about dying. The surface-fear masks the fear of death. You are seeing it very clearly.

Student: OK.

Coach: How do you feel?

Student: Lighter.

Coach: Can you accept that your wife might leave you?

Student: Yes, I can.

Coach: And can you accept that she might stay?

Student (smiles): Certainly.

As you can see from this example, the problem when fully confronted, stops feeling like a threat. Rather than being a victim of the bubble you become bigger than it.

If you have a fear to release you might also want to use this free audio posted here: Releasing the Spirit of Fear and Panic

Those proficient in mental and emotional releasing will notice that quite a few “issues” are stored in the body and in the muscles. As one meditates or becomes mindful of ones breathing and the muscles relax, those issues will simply bubble up to awareness and dissolve in its light.


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