Raising your vibration with the power of memory

memories of the distant futureMemory is a powerful tool if you use it deliberately. Most of us get used by it, by getting lost in boring old stories and petty re-runs of all sorts of grievances. But using memory as your personal tool for accessing different types of frequencies, vibrations, moods, emotions (yes, these words are used as synonyms here) you can learn how to elevate your state within seconds. 

When you remember something you access its frequency. It takes only a few seconds to refresh and recall something and about 60 seconds to warm it up to the point that it starts effecting your auric energy-field. By remembering something you reactivate the inner state and emotion you had back then. Thus you begin to attract similar into your life once again. This works better if you are able to go into detail. So when you describe a past event to someone or remember it mentally, the more detail you can conjure up the better. You probably know pouty and sad types who love to go into all the delicious detail of their victim-story. In this way they re-create the emotion in the present moment and guarantee that similar events will happen to them again in the future. And you can do the same for good memories. 

So remember one of the best locations you have ever been to. And remember specific details about it. 

Remember one of your best romances and specific details about it. Keep with it for more than a minute. But don’t remember that romance as if you are dissociated or separate from it. Remember it as if it is happening right now.

Remember one of your greatest career successes and specific details about it such as who else was there, what furniture was there, what the temperature was, what you might have had on and so forth. 

And remember one of your most inspiring visions in detail. 

Once you’ve gone through these memories, you will feel enriched. In the days to come your perception and actions will have undergone a slight shift to the better. So any time you seek to reclaim your inner power, focus on one of your key great memories. Those are memories you can draw upon for many thousands of years to come. 

A more detailed and guided version of this process can be found in the Reality Creation Supercourse

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